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Joined: 2007-04-12 14:29:27
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Current Level: 22
PK count: 99
Character Class: Civilian Firefighter
Favorite Equipment: FAK's
Favorite Weapon: Shotty
Backup Weapon: Axe
Current Status: Plotting.
Location: Raines Hills
Recent Kills: T Dot
Deaths: 9 at the time of this writing.
Revives: Thank God for random revives.
Group: St. Anastasius' Royal Guard and maybe The Dead?
Morale Phrase: "High fives for revives!"

You guys are all faggots

  • I will give you a High five for your revive!
  • I have one alt character.
  • SARG is the reason the stats page changed,and you know it.
  • We also forced Metal Fox to relocate their forums.

High fives for revives!

SARG.jpg Terror Unit
This user is affiliated with the

St. Anastasius' Royal Guard

DontNerf.JPG Don't Nerf Mah PKing!
This user is sick of people trying to nerf PKing.
Sign.png Remember To Sign!
This user remembers to sign on talk pages and you should too.
Balance scale.jpg Fuck Fair Tactics
This group leader says the FTP is ridiculous,and hits below the belt.
SARG.jpg Group Rank
This user is ranked as a Grandmaster in the

St. Anastasius' Royal Guard

Rat-ah-tat-tat.jpg Here, have a rat!
TexasXdooM has given himself a rat for this template being so fucking gay
Fireaxe.jpg Fire Fighter
This user is a Firefighter and is probably off chopping up a zombie with their axe.
Language.jpg Language Competence
This user can speak English et francais
Earth.jpg Where is Malton?
TexasXdooM thinks that
Malton is in Colorado.