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Lechon Harman
Lechon(pig) being roasted. Now, imagine a harman in it's place!

Roasting harmanz is a very old and common zombie/cannibal practice. With this recipe, you'll find that your roast harman will never taste the same again. BAHRAH!


1 whole harman (younger harmanz, preferably, as their skins tend to be more intact. The skin is an important part if this recipe)
black pepper
soy sauce
For the stuffing:
5 to 10 bundles lemon grass
20 pcs. bananas (plantain variety), peeled then halved or 20 pcs. taro, peeled
5 bra!nz, mashed (the softer, the better)


  1. Clean and prepare the harman by removing innards, washing and scraping innards, washing and scraping the body of hair. Rinse and allow to drain a bit before stuffing.
  2. Rub with salt and pepper inside and out.
  3. Rub soy sauce on the skin of the harman. This will make it nicely red when roasted.
  4. Stuff the belly of the lechon with lemon grass along with bananas/taro and bra!nz. Sew to close.
  5. Skewer the harman and split roast over live charcoal or under live fire. Roast until crisp.
  6. If a dipping sauce is requested, vinegar with scallions and pepper (and some blood, if desired) may be served along with it.

(Details about what the original lechon is can be found on this wikipedia page. This particular recipe is based on the Filipino Cebu Lechon, which is actually a very nice dish. Anthony Bourdain once called it "the best pig ever")