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The Tale of a Certain Murderous Snowman
Snowman spying an easy kill.


One winter, a group of kids got hold of an ancient magic book. They tried to use it to awaken one of the snowmen in the neighborhood. Little did they know that It was an evil book, and they had created a monster. The ritual ensured that it would never melt, and it went on a quest to quell its newfound bloodlust. Being inedible (but not immune) to the zombies, it survived the lockdown. Having no heart, it attracted the attention of Organization XIII. Now it hunts both its old prey and the new "residents" of Malton. It does, however, acknowledge that the city needs balance, and is not averse to saving them (if only to keep his prey in stock).


Place of Origin
Raines Hills
Org XIII logo.png Organization XIII
This Nobody is balancing Malton.

UD Profile
Snowflakez.jpg Murderous Snowman Snowflakez.jpg
He is not Jack Frost

Kill List

These are kills made (while alive) when Organization XIII helps the zombie cause (meaning this is a PK list)

  1. Michael Liberty
  2. Timmy Andrade(?) (I don't really remember the name)
  3. Nik isabeast -
  4. some anonymous person (no, that's not his name. i just really forgot)
  5. Trance1972 -
  6. Mira Mana -
  7. SIBekker -
  8. Daisya Bell -
  9. Abner Ravenwood -
  10. Overdosing on Heroin -
  11. Jeff Jawson -
  12. a man of the cloth -
  13. Chip Hender -
  14. McStawarra -
  15. Jaap2 -
  16. CyCo -

Short hiatus from the game at this point. Kills that follow are after re-joining OrgXIII

  1. Tad Holguin -
  2. demogoblin -
  3. MrKnuckles
  4. Cheeseman Muncher -
  5. Xarre -
  6. Stephanie Thorn -
  7. BenKorsar -
  8. JerekShai -
  9. Givens513 -
  10. Ashpink -
  11. Chuck Cee -
  12. Doctor Macrophage -

Another period of inactivity between these kills

  1. Kender Tasa -,