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An Introduction

I'm an Urban Dead player who first joined the game on October 24th, 2009. When I first joined, I was having some issues in real life so not surprisingly, I lost the info on the account that I created. In January 2010, I was cleaning out my computer and browser History when I saw this game in it. I was bored so I checked it out a second time, made a new account and was hooked. I spent considerable hours just trying to get used to it and in doing so, was referenced to this wiki website. Now, I'd known about Wiki, but I didn't know that it had an Urban Dead page so I signed up on this website and just looked around. I've been using the wiki for a while now, but I still make mistakes so if you see one, let me know.

I'm currently playing two characters, the third having lost all interest for. The two that I'm still fairly involved with have since reconciled and separated, having gone their own ways. The main character, Derek Sutherland, has settled into a comfortable way of life among a great bunch of friends. The other, Juliette Reau, has pretty much been abandoned, mostly because of my tiring of RPing as a woman - not one of my strong suits. All three of my characters are dual nature, that is, they act like zombies when they are zombies and act like humans when human. They won't go out of their way to be revived, so combat revives are the norm.

If there's something you want to talk to me about, you can post here.

Interests, Hobbies, and Passions

I bike, hike, read, write, and game. My Backloggery account hasn't been updated in years. Might make a writing/blog page later.

I frequent, post, and lurk on many websites so you might see me around. I tend to go by the handle, Bardiclife.

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