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Organization: None
Current Position: Jack-of-all-trades
Personal Motto: "'“If you have two friends in your lifetime, you're lucky. If you have one good friend, you're more than lucky.”

― S.E. Hinton

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Name: Derek Sutherland

Age: 26 Years Old

Birthplace: Moffat, Scotland

Strengths: Cautious, Cooperative, Creative, Empathetic, Friendly, Helpful, Organized, Resourceful, Strategist, and Survivalist

Weaknesses: Alcoholic, Good Food, Indecisive, Outspoken, Unforgiving, Sensitive, and Women

Loves: Big Dogs, Children, Falconry, Family and Friends, Horseback Riding, Literature, Mysteries, Nature, Cooking, Radio, Vinyl Records, Whiskey, and Writing

Hates: Cannibalism, Dandruff, Dishonesty, Gossip, Ignorance, Plot Spoilers, and Racism


A nonchalant and rugged Caucasian man; he looks to be somewhere in his mid to late twenties. He is broad-shouldered with narrow hips and stands just over six feet tall. He has hazel eyes that stare out at you from a tired, but still young face. His dark brown hair, previously grown out and shaggy, is now short and trimmed just below his ears. Although he's been complimented on beards in the past, he now prefers to keep it relatively short in the warmer months and typically sports a mighty beard during the colder months. His body is marked with traces of cuts and abrasions, silent reminders of confrontation with hostile humans and undead. A mute to most strangers, his rumbling baritone voice, flavored by a deep Scottish accent, will speak many a words upon friendly introductions.

He typically wears denim jeans, a shirt, a jacket, and hiking boots. Around his neck he wears a simple chain bearing a wooden Ankh and dog-tags from Fort Creedy that are inscribed with his blood group, full name, religion, group, and his hometown. He prefers to avoid conflict whenever possible, but when he can't, he mostly uses his Walther P99 that is holstered inside his jacket and his trusty fire axe when bullets are futile. A heavy-duty framed backpack loaded with supplies is usually resting on his back and just recently, is now also carrying a military-issue duffel bag across his chest.


Derek Sutherland is a sixth generation family farmer from Moffat, Scotland. Born to hardworking but loving parents and in a reasonably-sized clan, Derek was going to be the next of kin to follow in the footsteps of his father and manage the family farm with a future wife and family of his own.

At least, this was the plan...until Derek decided to move to Malton.

To Derek Sutherland, the faraway metropolis of Malton was much like the famous cities of London, Paris, and Berlin - a pipe dream. Despite being a mere several hour drive away, Derek didn't see the point in traveling hundreds of miles from home when all he knew was located within the Moffat city limits. However, when a childhood friend discussed with him the foolishness of never seeing what else the world had to offer, Derek was inspired to experience life in Malton.

In anticipation of moving, Derek studied and worked hard on the farm, and even helped out at the town fire station. In addition, he spent time at the town library learning about the history of Malton and discussed with his friend about life in Malton for hours on end. Unfortunately, his mother soon found out about the move when she went to collect laundry and found his stash of plans and maps. Later in the day, Derek and his parents discussed his mother's find and Derek simply told them that he was moving to Malton. His parents weren't happy at first, but they realized that this was something Derek really wanted to do. Time passed by and soon, Derek was graduating from secondary school. On the day of departure, Derek and his friend waited for their train to arrive and when it did, they boarded amid the send-off cheering and wishes of good luck from his family and the townspeople who came to see him off. Cheering and laughing, they settled back into their seats, and read/slept while the train sped towards Malton.

Reaching Malton the next day at Loader Walk Railway Station, they were welcomed by new friends and family and were driven over to their new home. Once Derek was settled into his new room and had reacquainted himself with his roommates, he relaxed into the city life. Over the course of the year, he started to work as an apprentice to the fire chief at Whittard Road Fire Station and at the Axworthy Hotel in Havercroft. The commute to Havercroft soon became too much and he moved out and into a coworker's apartment at the Mattick Towers in Brooksville. In addition, he developed a love for alcohol and would spend many a late night nursing a cold brew at the nearby Zeally Arms.

Then the Outbreak came.

No one was sure what caused it. Locals conjectured that the activity seemed to stem from the Hebditch Building in North Blythville. The only certainty was that the city was tearing itself apart. The Malton Police Department was taxed out to the point of nonexistence as they fought and tried to contain unruly mobs and riots. The military started moving into Malton and took over, but did little to contain the situation. The media broadcasts gave conflicting reports and advised heavily for the citizens of Malton to escape the chaos before it was too late. Unfortunately, when Malton was quarantined, Derek was drunk; having turned to alcohol for answers.

Days turned to weeks and then to months. The situation worsened as riots of Maltonians and tourists alike fought the ever-increasing hordes of undead. The city power grids grew unstable and unpredictable, especially after the The Tolman Catastrophe. Communication began to break down until it was non-existent, save for simple radio broadcasts. Derek confined himself into his apartment, his roommate having escaped quarantine, and lived a meager existence. He turned once again to alcohol and in a final act of desperation, was about to kill himself when there was a knock at his door. It was a woman. The woman looked 30ish and scared so Derek let her inside. He found out that she and her fiancee were separated in the chaos and was hoping she could stay here until the situation improved. He let her stay and they became to know each other. He learned that her name was Juliette Reau. Unfortunately for her, she later discovered that her fiancee was now among the undead and she turned to Derek for comfort. In an ironic twist, the comfort that he was now giving to the woman helped bring Derek out of the drunken funk that he was turning to often.

The two lived together for many years, developing close and intimate feelings for each other. The couple's relationship hit a new high when Derek proposed to Juliette. Juliette happily accepted his proposal and not much later, they borrowed the services of St. Callistus's Church to become married. Following their wedding, Derek started to help out at the nearby Kippins Row Fire Station, his wife at St. John's Hospital. In addition, Juliette gave birth to a baby girl named Claire. It was a loving family and they thought it would last.

It didn't.

More often than not, the family would have to migrate away from the chaos and destruction that plagued many neighboring suburbs. They traveled around, avoiding confrontations like the plague until one day when they were resting in Martha General Hospital in Lamport Hills. The hospital was seized by the Extinction. In a panic to escape, Derek, Juliet, and Claire were separated. Derek then began a frantic search for his wife and daughter, but never found them. The loss hit him hard.

Following the loss of his family, he couldn't keep himself composed. He'd often wake up in the middle of the night sobbing and confused on where he currently was. He began to show signs of depression and passive-aggressive behavior. Worried that he might pose a problem to the safety and survival of others, a couple fellow survivors suggested he take anti-depressant medication. Grudgingly accepting that he wasn't getting any better, Derek raided local pharmacies for medication. He traveled around the city for the two years or so, looking for any sight of his wife and daughter while keeping a low profile in the chaos and madness surrounding the conflicts between the undead hordes and survivors. Eventually, he made a couple friends in Gatcombeton and stayed with them for a while, until he decided to head back home to his apartment in Brooksville.

Been on my own for a while and been migrating around. Heard a radio broadcast in a fire station while passing through and applied to the Malton Fire Department. Made a couple friends in Richmond Hills. I miss Julie and Claire, I want them close to me so much, it's hard to bear. Found a book at the bookstore inside Ackland Mall, along with a bunch of useful stuff. Really wish first-aid kits weren't so heavy. Hard to carry a baker's dozen of them with me just in case, without becoming overladen with weight.

Been mostly circling around, helping out with healing and barricading. Still haven't quite made it to the Academy yet. Planning on getting there in a week or so. Made many new friends, most of them just kind people with syringes and faks. Still haven't heard a word from Julie. Hope she and the baby are alright. I worry about them at night. I wish there were here in my arms. I miss my family up north. Hope they're alright and not too worried about me. I'll make it out of Malton, someday.

Made my way to West Grayside. Been camped inside Pole Mall for a week or so now, just enjoying the peace and quiet of the suburb before leaving for the Academy. Watched a game at Clapton Stadium and had a couple drinks inside the Younghusband Arms. God, I love this suburb. Made some more friends in addition to finding an abandoned Satellite Phone. It's unbelievable, but the damn thing works. Phoned home for the first time and talked to my family for several days. Explained to them where I was, how I was doing, what I've been doing lately, and that I'm a father and a husband now. They couldn't believe it. Told them that when I make it out of Malton, my wife, daughter, and I will come home and stay for a while. They really liked the sound of that. Told them that I'd keep in touch when I wasn't busy or in trouble. They miss me terribly, as do I. There's no place like home.

Been in Penny Heights for a while now. Spent a week or two at the DEM's South Campus in Penny Heights, rebuilding, refueling, reviving, repairing, and restocking. Gained knowledge of many skills as well as having made many new friends and acquaintances. Got word that the South Campus was going to be joining with the North Campus in Santlerville. Will be making my way there soon as I'm not quite ready to go just yet.

Decided to take a break from the MFD. Traveled around and ended up in Ruddlebank. Found a nice place to call home at the Holmes Arms and amazingly, I found all the documents and papers for ownership. Been tending to it for a while, fixing meals for travelers as well as tending to the area.

Haven't been writing much lately in this journal since not much has happened of major significance. Left the Holmes Arms a while ago and traveled around. Headed East towards Penny Heights, then north to Dulston, and then zigzagged my way to Foulkes Village. Been feeling a bit more depressed than usual lately...not sure why. Haven't heard from Juliette lately. Broke down crying in some hotel a couple weeks ago and was subsequently consoled by a older couple...wish I could remember their names. Kind of given up on finding Juliette and just seems like a losing battle.

(Oddly enough, the next major entry in the journal is in zombese and unintelligible to humans)

Well, Juliette and I aren't married anymore. We haven't divorced, it's more like separated. I had contacted her and eventually she and Claire found me. We hugged and we cried. In the end, we both mutually told each other that the love we thought we shared wasn't a true love; that it was just a result of a bad first meeting. I told the both of them that I'd love to have Claire over for weeks at a time, to be the father I've always wanted to be. I probably should start looking for toddler food and ingredients for birthday cakes. Other than that, that's pretty much it. Been traveling around a lot, moreso along the border. Thinking of heading around to Penny Heights and maybe staying in the Roger. We'll see.

Moved back to the Wensleydale and have settled down. Toured the museums in the region and brought back select pieces. Started to use a radio frequency that I hope isn't already used by someone else. A few friends are visiting, one of which, I think is in for the long-term. Need to work on helping out more in this area. Not too many people around.

Been residing in Crooketon for a long time now at the 'Dale and it feels like home. Nothing like Moffat, obviously, but close enough. Even set up a wicked supply drop schedule with Allister on the quarantine wall. Helps a lot with staying stocked with items that have long-since been used up in Malton like fresh milk, eggs, and steak. Been getting a bit cozy with Jackie Foster for a while now. I dunno man, there's just something about her that entrances every inch of my body with intoxicating love and care for her and that accent, bloody hell. It's like the voice of angels singing. She does smoke...a lot. I do partially wish that she'd decrease the amount of cigarettes she smokes per day as I care about her well-being, but that's her prerogative and we all have our addictions. Me, it's the drink, but what else is new?

It's been a couple months since the incident. I don't really want to talk about it in detail, but I will mention that I care and love Jacqueline. I...I made the mistake of telling her how I felt about her and how I'd really like to be more than good friends with her. She fled and I haven't seen her since. I worry about her.

I also lost my phone. I only remember a couple of numbers, namely home, Carla's, and Jackie's. How...ironic.

I'm turning twenty-seven this year. Bollocks.

I wonder how Juliette and Claire are doing.

Currently traveling with close friends and members of the Fanny group. While I do wonder what's become of the Wensleydale, we'll be returning to it once our business in Gulsonside is over. I miss Jacqueline, Juliette, and Claire. Not surprisingly, I'm becoming extremely fond of Carla.

Dunno when I'll be returning to the Wensleydale. Had another suicide flare-up. Currently evading some zergs. Fun.

It's nice to be home in the Wensleydale again. Several friends, both new and old, are staying here with sign of Jackie or David, though. Hope they're safe and sound.

Carla and Barbie are off somewhere in the eastern region of Malton. I miss them already.

Once again, I'm off doing something, but I have interesting news. I'm abandoning The Wensleydale Arms. Don't know what to do with it. Leave it for others, I guess?

Lots of stuff has happened and honestly, I don't really feel like writing any of it down.

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