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Organization: Richmond Hills Regulars
Current Position: Chef, horticulturalist, teacher, and artist
Personal Motto: "No matter how bad things get, you got to go on living, even if it kills you."

- Sholom Aleichem

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Name: Juliette (Julie) Reau Sutherland

Age: 32 Years Old

Birthplace: Quebec, Canada

Strengths: Ambitious, Attentive, Caring, Considerate, Cooperative, Creative, Empathetic, Forgiving, Friendly, Helpful, Modest, Optimistic, Organized, Resourceful, and Sensitive.

Weaknesses: Chocolate, Guarded, Indecisive, Mistrusting, and Outspoken

Loves: Children, Cats, Cooking, Family and Friends, Horses, Literature, Music, Mysteries, Nature, Sailing, Singing, Wine, and Writing

Hates: Dishonesty, Greed, Ignorance, Poverty, Plot Spoilers, Racism, and Soap Operas.


A concerned and petite Caucasian woman; she looks to be somewhere in her early to mid thirties. She has a lean, slender frame, and is just under six feet tall. She has blue eyes that stare out at you from a face lined with worry. Her dirty-blonde hair, usually styled, is now either hanging disheveled over her shoulders and down her back or combed back into a ponytail. Her body is marked with cuts and abrasions as well as the telltale after-signs of giving birth. When she talks, her voice is a mezzo-soprano mixed with the flavor of a French accent and faint traces of a German accent. When not speaking to others, her voice takes on a softer tone that is rather soothing and relaxing, especially to her little girl.

She typically wears jeans or trousers, blouses, a jacket, and hiking boots. She usually keeps her neck bare during the warmer months, but wraps it up in a scarf during the cooler parts of the year. Clipped to a front pocket on her jacket are two ID cards that note Julia's and her daughter's full name, birth date, blood type, known allergens, medications taken, medical conditions, current address, and family contact information. Concealed in one of her pockets are two rings, strung together in a necklace. One of which is her first engagement ring; a silent reminder of her pre-quarantine engagement; the other, one of a matched set of wedding rings. She prefers to avoid conflict whenever possible; fearing for the safety of her daughter. However, when in a life or death situation, she prefers her trusty silenced Beretta M92FS. A worn and patched canvas field bag loaded with various items and supplies hangs from one shoulder.

A family heiress of the internationally-successful Reau restaurant and hotel chain, Juliette Reau was destined to follow in her many brother's and sister's footsteps and manage the enterprise. Much like other tales of entwined destinies, this was the case until Juliette discovered James and ultimately, the city of Malton.
Never quite content with the lifestyle of helping run a family business, Juliette secretly harbored feelings of leaving, until one day she broke down crying and confessed to her parents everything. She told them that she loved helping others learn and always wanted to become a teacher. As parents tend to do, they were at first shocked at this revelation, but later grew to support her. Eventually, Juliette packed up and left home with a large amount of cash and traveled the world.
She met with a group of traveling missionaries and with them, traveled throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and then up the California coastline. During her travels, she met a handsome and caring man, a man by the name of James Pace. Together, they helped teach struggling communities and villages a wealth of knowledge and quite often, had to help save each other from a variety of roguish characters, and grew close to each other. Along the way, Juliette grew somewhat tired of the gypsy life and wanted to settle down and become a teacher.
She enrolled in the University of California at Stanford and eventually got a masters degree in education, majoring in English. On the night of her graduation in June 2005, at a very exclusive restaurant, James proposed to her. She said yes. They made plans for a white wedding in December of that year, but first wanted to relax in the United Kingdom, and see some friends in London. The arrived and decided to tour the city of Malton. Unfortunately, for them, it was this decision that would ultimately separate the lovers.
On the day of July 3rd, 2005, James and Juliette were in the suburb of Brooksville when they were assaulted by undead in the middle of Hewlet Park Miraculously, Juliette managed to free herself from the horde, relatively unharmed, but scared for her fiancee. Unarmed and useless in a fight, she ran around for help and when she did find some and returned to the scene of the attack, her fiancee James was nowhere to be found, a massive pool of blood splattered all over the grass. Tearful, she entered the nearby Mattick Towers and cried herself to sleep in one of the many rooms. Over the course of the following days, as the situation worsened, she heard noises in a nearby room and investigated. Knocking on the door, she found a young man with bloodshot eyes and a pistol in his hand. His name was Derek Sutherland and he would come to be a great source of comfort in the following years.
Juliette asked him for help to find James and together, they searched the neighborhood, but to no avail. James was nowhere to be found. Emotionally-wrecked, Juliette turned to Derek for comfort and over the course of the following year, Juliette learned that not only was he new to Malton as well, but that he was an alcoholic with suicidal tendencies. They grew fairly close in the following year and in 2007, Derek proposed to her, a proposal that wouldn't last. They got married in the nearby St. Callistus's Church and had a little girl, that of which they named Claire.
With chaos and violence always around, they traveled a lot. They eventually reached Martha General Hospital in Lamport Hills. The hospital was later seized by the Extinction and in a panic to escape, Derek, Juliet, and Claire were separated. Juliette searched tirelessly for Derek, but couldn't find him. Feeling very much like she did that fateful day when she and James were swarmed, she traveled around in the hopes of someday finding Derek. She soon came to rest in Richmond Hills and found solace in a new family otherwise known as the Richmond Hills Regulars.
In more recent news, Derek, Juliette, and Claire found each other and reconciled. In a mutual decision, both Derek and Juliette agreed to go their separate ways, while still caring for each other and Claire. Like most divorced families of modern times, custody of Claire will be split between the Derek and Juliette, the latter of which, more than the former.

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