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Northwest Unemplementia

An Introduction

After having fiddled with suburbs for Ross's Unemplementia project, I decided to make a region of my own. I will be staying with the "Unemplementia" name and for all creative reasons, this region will be in the northwestern area of Unemplementia. Composed primarily of a range of mountains stretching from the southeast to the northwest, the area is dotted with lakes, towns, mines, caves, and other locations of the nature. Northwest Unemplementia will have a varying elevation, which unfortunately, is a bit challenging to accurately describe so for all reasons, imagine the mountains and peaks as having high elevations, valleys with gentle/rough slopes, and cliffs with dangerous ledges.

The following is purely speculation, as I don't have the ability to change the core of the game.

In addition, after having spent some time playing Quarantine 2019, Dead Frontier, and a few other survival-based games, many locations will feature content and various new gameplay issues that are foreign to Urban Dead such as the consumption of food and water for hunger and thirst (much like Action Points/Sleep and HP). Logically, food and water must be consumed on a daily? basis to prevent a loss of health, so players will be able to search locations for food and water. As a result, players will have the option to siege/hold a source of food and water to prevent others from accessing it. Players will also have the option of maintaining/defending/destroying/etc various essential utilities like power derived from renewable and non-renewable sources like solar, hydroelectric, coal, and natural gas in order to provide a source of power other than petrol/gasoline. Much like radio towers and transmitters, powered buildings can have computer(s) hooked up to the area's network so as to provide another source of communication between players, news of game updates, and other game-related areas.

Undetermined: Some locations will have unique qualities to them, such as a missile silo that with the combined efforts of a large gathering of players, have the option to destroy (ruin) an area; a hydroelectric water dam whose floodgates can be opened that will in turn, drain the lake/reservoir and flood the river attached to it.

Map of Northwest Unimplementia


Hudson Grizzle Heights Bennett City Randolph Peak Mortimer Peak Talon Lake Blast Village Dim Mine Grant Summit North Falcon Gorge
Rivers Meet Stonegate Estates Little Sister Summit Roosevelt University East College Town Shady Acres Mountain Shadow West Fort Wolf East Fort Wolf South Falcon Gorge
Pegasus Ranch 22 23 24 Blue Bend Haversand Castle Hateo Overlook Union City 29 30
31 32 33 Crystal Bay Northwest Lake Hateo Northeast Lake Hateo Queens Beach 38 39 40
41 Hateo Railyard West Hateo City North Hateo City Southwest Lake Hateo Southeast Lake Hateo Incline City 48 49 50
51 Hateo Airport South Hateo City East Hateo City Pine Shores Hateo Lake Dam 57 58 59 60
61 Hemmingway Hill Greystone Bluffs Baldurs Estate 65 66 67 West Parson East Parson 70
Drudah Observatory Bleakwind Farms 73 Blackiron Rockridge State Historic Park Rockridge Marionette Lake Riverwood Graenmill Black Lake
Angels Spoon Cold Lake Winterlude Fort Moongard Redemption Lodge Farston Peak Broken Slopes West Corburn East Corburn Coal Power Plant
Devils Fork Chateau Winterlude High Crossing Waning Towers Shimmering Caves Everett Hideaway Chaser Summit Corburn Coal Mine Foremans Crack Jackson's Folly


To decrease the amount of wiki-scrolling for the entire region's suburbs, the suburb will be chopped up into nine sections, with the cardinal directions (North, South, West, East) being composed of a 3x4 chunk of suburbs and the intermediate directions (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast) only consisting of a 3x3 chunk of suburbs.

Northwestern Block
Northern Block
Northeastern Block
Western Block
Central Block
Eastern Block
Southwestern Block
Southern Block
Southeastern Block

Revamped Visuals


Template Workbench

Template:Water Station
Template:Railway Crossing1
Template:Railway Crossing2
Template:Railway Turntable
Template:Clothing Store
Template:Alternative Apparel Store
Template:Jewelery Store
Template:Book Store
Template:Gun Store
Template:Hardware Store
Template:Liquor Store
Template:Sports Store
Template:Tech Store
Template:Antique Store
Template:Construction Zone
Template:Trailer Park
Template:General Store
Template:Water Tower
Template:Fire Tower
Template:Ski Lift
Template:Shallow Water
Template:Deep Water
Template:Sunken Ship
Template:Security Fence1
Template:Security Fence2
Template:Security Fence3
Template:Security Fence4
Template:Security Fence CornerA
Template:Security Fence CornerB
Template:Security Fence CornerC
Template:Security Fence CornerD
Template:Security Fence CornerE
Template:Security Fence CornerF
Template:Security Fence CornerG
Template:Security Fence CornerH
Template:Security Fence Gate1
Template:Security Fence Gate2
Template:Security Fence Gate3
Template:Security Fence Gate4
Template:Ranger Station
Template:Abandoned Homestead
Template:Geological Station
Template:Visitors Center
Template:Mountain Peak
Template:Loading PlatformA
Template:Loading PlatformB
Template:Missile Silo
Template:Hydroelectric Dam
Template:Truck Stop
Template:Road Bridge Trail1
Template:Road Bridge Trail2
Template:Road BridgeSW1
Template:Road BridgeSW2
Template:Road BridgeDW1
Template:Road BridgeDW2
Template:Railway BridgeSW1
Template:Railway BridgeSW2
Template:Railway BridgeDW1
Template:Railway BridgeDW2
Template:Railway BridgeT1
Template:Railway BridgeT2
Template:Railway TunnelW1
Template:Railway TunnelW2
Template:Railway TunnelW3
Template:Railway TunnelW4
Template:Railway TunnelM1
Template:Railway TunnelM2
Template:Railway TunnelM3
Template:Railway TunnelM4
Template:Old Rail Tunnel1
Template:Old Rail Tunnel2
Template:Old Rail Tunnel3
Template:Old Rail Tunnel4
Template:Forested Mountain


Construction Zone

Demo Block1 [1, 2]

Clothing Store RailwayA RailwayB
RailwayC Construction Zone RailwayD
Railway Crossing1 Railway Crossing2 Railway Turntable

Basic Info:

Template:Info Construction Zone
Hardware Store

Demo Block2 [3, 4]

Alternative Apparel Store Jewelery Store Book Store
Gun Store Hardware Store Liquor Store
Sports Store Tech Store Antique Store

Basic Info:

Template:Info Hardware Store

Demo Block3 [5, 6]

Windmill Trailer Park General Store
Watermill Paddock Water Tower
Spring Observatory Fire Tower

Basic Info:

Template:Info Paddock
Street Garage

Demo Block4 [7, 8]

Barracks Beach Bunker
Pharmacy Street Garage Ski Lift
Cabin Supermarket Casino

Basic Info:

Template:Info Street Garage

Demo Block5 [9, 10]

Shallow Water Deep Water Sunken Ship
Boat Marina Security Fence1
Security Fence2 Security Fence3 Security Fence4

Basic Info:

Template:Info Marina
Geological Station

Demo Block6 [11, 12]

Security Fence Gate1 Security Fence Gate2 Security Fence Gate3
Security Fence Gate4 Geological Station Cave
Mine Visitors Center Mountain Peak

Basic Info:

Template:Info Geological Station
Ranger Station

Demo Block7 [13, 14]

Security Fence CornerA Security Fence CornerB Security Fence CornerC
Security Fence CornerD Ranger Station Missile Silo
Island1 Hydroelectric Dam Truck Stop

Basic Info:

Template:Info Ranger Station
Water Station

Demo Block8 [15, 16]

Security Fence CornerE Security Fence CornerF Security Fence CornerG
Security Fence CornerH Water Station Railway TunnelW1
Railway TunnelW2 Railway TunnelW3 Railway TunnelW4

Basic Info:

Template:Info Water Station
a barn

Demo Block9 [17, 18]

Abandoned Homestead Loading PlatformA Loading PlatformB
Security Fence CornerD a barn a wooden barn
a farmhouse a yard some stables

Basic Info:

Template:Info Barn
a swimming pool

Demo Block10 [19, 20]

a field a cornfield a garden
a golf course a swimming pool woodland
a clearing a road a garage

Basic Info:

Template:Info Swimming Pool
Country Club

Demo Block11 [21, 22]

dormitory River Lock Petrol Station
Suburbs Railway Country Club Boathouse
Ruined Abbey River76 (Shallow) River85 (Deep)

Basic Info:

Template:Info Country Club
Road Bridge Trail1

Demo Block12 [23, 24]

Railway BridgeSW1 Railway BridgeSW2 Railway BridgeDW1
Railway BridgeDW2 style="width:100px; height:80px; Template:Road Bridge Trail1"|Road Bridge Trail1 Road BridgeSW1
Road BridgeSW2 Road BridgeDW1 Road BridgeDW2

Basic Info:

Template:Info Road Bridge Trail1
Road Bridge Trail2

Demo Block13 [25, 26]

style="width:100px; height:80px; Template:Railway BridgeT1"|Railway BridgeT1 style="width:100px; height:80px; Template:Railway BridgeT2"|Railway BridgeT2 Forested Mountain
Mountain style="width:100px; height:80px; Template:Road Bridge Trail2"|Road Bridge Trail2 Railway TunnelW1
Railway TunnelW2 Railway TunnelW3 Railway TunnelW4

Basic Info:

Template:Info Road Bridge Trail2
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