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Doon Avenue Teek Road Cottingham Plaza The Smithfield Building The Stonnard Building (NT)
Wheelhouse Auto Repair (Auto Repair) Sherriff Place The Waddington Building Tayler Lane Police Department (PD) The Oakes Arms
St. Pius's Hospital (Hospital) Edbrooke Street Lance Towers The Bathe Building Club Vagg
a carpark St. Matheos's Hospital (Hospital) The Rippon Building The Henslow Arms Hacker Way
Stockham Towers Hebdidgh Road Scallon Crescent the Davidge Building Felix General Hospital (Hospital)
Building Danger Level Colors

Powered/fully barricaded to barricade plan.

Under Attack

10+ zombies outside, building not ransacked.


Status not clarified for past 7 days/few zombies outside/barricaded weakly


No survivors, building ransacked, no power.

No building

No building in this block, a street, carpark, etc.

Suburbs listed in boldface contain notable locations, groups, or events.

Important Buildings

Hospital.png St. Pius's Hospital
Status Unknown.
Necrotech logo.png The Stonnard Building
Status Unknown.
Hospital.png St. Matheos's Hospital
Status Unknown.
Fuel can.jpg Wheelhouse Auto Repair
Status Unknown.
Hospital.png Felix General Hospital
Status Unknown.
Pooll Crescent Police Dept.jpg Tayler Lane Police Department
Status Unknown.

Less crucial buildings

Tsb.jpg The Smithfield Building
Status Unknown.
Tsb.jpg The Waddington Building
Status Unknown.
Tsb.jpg The Oakes Arms
Status Unknown.
Tsb.jpg Lance Towers
Status Unknown.
Tsb.jpg The Bathe Building
Status Unknown.
Tsb.jpg Club Vagg
Status Unknown.
Tsb.jpg The Rippon Building
Status Unknown.
Tsb.jpg The Henslow Arms
Status Unknown.
Tsb.jpg The Davidge Building
Status Unknown.
Tsb.jpg Stockham Towers
Status Unknown.


  • Green: Border: #00EE00 Background: #CCFFCC
  • Yellow: Border: #EEDD00 Background: #FFFFCC
  • Orange: Border: #EEAA00 Background: #FFDD99
  • Red: Border: #EE0000 Background: #FF9999
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