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Radio Frequency: 28.74 Mhz!

The Lock and Load Loners
Abbreviation: LLL
Group Numbers: 6 registered as yet, but will grow.
Leadership: TheDavibob acting leader.
Goals: To clean and provide for newbies and those not as fortunate as ourselves.
Recruitment Policy: Use Talk Page.
Contact: Use Talk Page.
  • Barricade low, watch hard. -- TheDavibob, leader of the Loners.
  • Why can't they just die!
  • Whats that gore covered green thing? -- Jakey07, underling of the LLL

The Lock and Load Loners are a small organisation, with the aim of keeping areas zombie free and a safe haven to all. They specialise in newbie protection, and jobs to keep their areas clean.

They concentrate on small areas, usually resource areas, with the hope of cleaning them up, so others can live there. These areas usually consist of PDs, Hospitals and NTs, as well as other Resource Points.

Registered Members

  1. Dance Emot.gifTheDavibob T
  2. Jakey07
  3. Manly Scout
  4. Manly Scouter Boy
  5. Scouter Boy
  6. Scientific Hore

Sign up today! Just post in the discussion page of this page, and we will add you to this list!

Members of the LLL, add this to your user page:

LLLogo.png Lock and Load Loner
This user is a Lock and Load Loner, and doesn't like being insulted about it.



LLLogo.png Lock and Load Loner
This user is a Lock and Load Loner, and doesn't like being insulted about it.


What we do

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

As shown above, we are avid supporters of the SGP. Unfortunately, there are no cemeteries in our new home, however we will still uphold this policy if we move on. We all have jobs, to keep it running smoothly, and these are based on your skills and your willingness.

What we do

Latest Loner News (automated serivce)

Notes, please do not edit this, it will automatically update.

Latest News:

  • Welcome to Manly Scout, latest recruit of the LLL.
  • Well done to all who achieved power in the Stonnard, looks solid.
  • Thanks to all who are operating in our area, including the MPD.
  • Use Edbrooke Street as a Revive Point, if and when necessary.
Older News
  • All Lock and Load Loners regroup at Lance Block. The FMO are helping us do a sterling job of keeping it safe.
  • At least five out of six of the important Resource Buildings are active, Felix General is unknown.
  • The Stonnard Building (NT) needs to be held, at all costs.
  • Revive Point at Edbrooke Street is fully operational.

The Lock and Load Loners policies:

  1. Thou shalt be based in or around Lance Towers, in Darvall Heights.
  2. Thou mayest use the Revive Point in Edbrooke Street, 1 West of Lance Towers.
  3. Thou must try and keep to the Lance Block Barricade Plan, if and when possible.
  4. Thou shalt accomodate any survive, unless a registed enemy.
  5. Thou shalt report all PKers and Zombie Spies, for the aid of all.
  6. Thou shalt not attack a member.
  7. Thou shalt revive all members, allies and more.
  8. Thou shalt be especially kind to newbs.

Where we are

We are currently patrolling (well, cleaning out) a 5x5 block in Darvall Heights/Eastonwood, around Lance Towers. We chose this region as it has a central building with the use of Binoculars, 3 hospitals, 1 PD, 1 Necrotech and an Auto Repair, as well as a lot of choice of where to set up a Revive Point. However, it needs a heafty clean out, as both regions are red.

Lance Block Barricade Policy


A yellow box is EHB, others are VS++. As this is a time of emergency, barricading up to EHB for all is acceptable, as long as there are still entry points.

Lance Block - Reporting Centre

This page is for reporting the status of Lance Block. To use, simply post a new state in the discussion page, remembering to timestamp. Say whether the block in question is Green, Yellow, Red or Orange, thanks. -- Dance Emot.gifTheDavibob T 10:54, 4 April 2007 (BST)

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