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The Esoteric Order Of Yig
Look To The Left
Abbreviation: TEOY
Group Numbers: a few
Leadership: Slaujer And Professor Pee
Goals: To Worship Yig!
Recruitment Policy: a little bit
Contact: See Recruitment

Who We Are

We are The Esoteric Order Of Yig, We come with peace or with war depending on who you are. We do not under any circumstances use propaganda, demagogue tactics or force, we simply do what we do for the sake of doing it not for power or for personal gain. We simply do it because we do what we do.also we do sacrifices (living or undead) because we must all obey yig! Ye, y'ti mn'g thu'lh ugg'a aeth Yig fl'anglh uuthah!

What We Do

  1. Lead our members to the great egress through the powers of Yig
  2. Sacrifices To Yig!
  3. Care For Ourselves And For Others (because no one is too little or too big for yigs help!)
  4. Spread The Teachings Of Yig To Believers And Doubters Alike
  5. Chant To Our Wonderful Leader Yig! Ye, y'ti mn'g thu'lh ugg'a aeth Yig fl'anglh uuthah!


  • it is neccesary to sacrifice a virgin
    • (whethet it be zombie or scientist!)
  • You must agree to obey Yig
  • You must chant for yig
  • You must contact Professor Pee (Aim: PunkIsDead1986 Yahoo: Psychotic_Pyro_Issues69)
  • You Must Contact Slaujer (hes at the rodenbank junkyard (well one of them))



Professor Pee