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Checkerboard Cading

A barricading plan using a checkerboard pattern would be effective in providing a guaranteed entrance or vs safehouse that is just one square away from all players, thus allowing non-metagaming players from having to consult a suburbs barricading plan which is inconsistent most of the time anyway. The Checkerboard Cading plan does not demand a strict checkerboard pattern over a suburb as building placements are hardly consistent, but asks players to follow a general guideline that buildings alternate between vs and ex cading across a suburb. There are three main exceptions that should be made to the checkerboard pattern when the need arises.

1. The vs pattern should be made to lie over all resource buildings, especially policy departments and hospitals.

2. The vs pattern should be made to lie over peninsula buildings, or buildings with more than 4 non-building squares around it.

3. In the case of an active siege on one specific building, that building should be kept at ex.

Suburb Reconstruction Cading

It is better to cade many vs building then to cade one ex building. In a suburb where nearly every building has open doors and your hoping to open up the suburb to more survivors, you are better off vsing as many buildings as possible. You can vs buildings faster than you can ex buildings with your APs, plus you force zombies to guess which building your are in while ex buildings generally make you a target.

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