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I have a few good ideas that I think could work well in the game. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to add them to the suggestions page and go through all the effort of maintaining them through a vote. Perhaps this means they're really not very good ideas and perhaps it means Kevan shouldn't go through all the effort of adding them to the game, but I think they really are useful ideas (But, of course, everyone thinks their idea is the best)...

My Suggestions (in no particular order)...

1. When you retune a radio, you should be given an option to change it's color (similar to the colors in the contact list). This would allow people who have a radio tuned to a frequency they care about set to a color that would be different than whatever transmissions might be coming over the transmitter in the building they've crashed in. Additionally, if someone is carrying more than one radio, it could help them skim through the long list of messages/SPAM if they've been gone a day or two.

2. When you click on someone's information page, instead of just having a button that says "Add to Contacts", there should also be the color coded drop down list - this would allow you to add someone to your contacts and recolor them, saving a server hit and saving you the trouble of scrolling through your contact lists to find the newest addition.

3. Some way to organize your contact list, either by color, name, group, active status, etc...

4. One's Encumbrance stat should be located on the left hand side, along with your AP, XP and HP stats.

5. Names in your drop down lists (Attack, FAK, etc) should be color coded as well (if it's even possible).

6. And a bad suggestion, I have over 14,000 XP. We need some new skills. I don't care if the skills are useless or what, but give me something to spend my XP on. Like special clothing. Let me buy a golden crown for 10,000 XP (and give me an option to polish the crown if it gets bloody!). Yeah, that's an idea. ;)

7. Healing: After gaining a full 50 AP, all characters (Humans and Zombies) can gain one point of HP every half hour. If you use a point of AP, then you stop healing until you're back up to full AP. This would simulate your character being "well rested" and would, perhaps, make it feel like less of a waste if you haven't logged in for a day.

8. More XP for repairing a ruined building. With the high encumbrance to carry a tool box, along with the high AP required to get a building to a point where you can repair it (clearing out zeds, dead bodies, etc), 1 XP for repairing a ruined building just doesn't seem worth the effort (unless you're thinking strategy, in which case you're probably far enough in the game that you don't much care about getting XP anyway).

9. Laundry Mat/Dry Cleaners - if you're wearing an article of clothing that has been bloodied/torn, how about having a building where you can go and clean/repair the clothing? Obviously, the building would have to be powered...

10. Doors - why can Zombies open them, but humans can't? Give humans an option to open doors.

More suggestions will be added as my brain comes up with them. Also, feel free to take any one of these suggestions to the suggestions page, fix 'em up and have a vote on them. You don't even have to credit me (although it'd be nice) - I just want the game to be more interesting. :)

I'm going to set up my talk page with an area to discuss my suggestions, if anyone is interested...

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