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This page is for the membership roster of The Big Prick. It is a user page, so (unless you are user:The Big Prick you should NOT edit this page. Instead, leave an appropriate message on the User talk:The Big Prick / Members page. The only people who User:The Big Prick Has given permission to edit this page are:


The Big Prick is currently assembling in South Blythville with an eye towards starting work on May 11th. You still have plenty of time to get there and need not worry about staying alive as you do so. Just sign up, stock up, move in, and be ready to stick somebody!

Member players and groups are also urged to display this template on their user / group page, which will add them to this category, and will be updated with The Big Prick's location:

{{Prick}} gives

Skull n syringes.gif The Big Prick
Whittenside .

Membership Roster

Groups that are part of The Big Prick

Individual Members

Use a "#", and a link to your character name and (if you wish) your user name or other personal info.

  1. Albert Schwan
  2. CRES Doctor -- Asheets 20:42, 21 April 2008 (BST)
  3. Joe Mugg
  4. Meat Pillar
  5. nwise501
  6. Shyhjang
  7. Catherine Cushing

Members Missing In Action

  1. Baron VonSpicedrop
  2. Benjamin Mcdonald - user:Sapporo
  3. Broklynite - User:Broklynite
  4. Carlosinspace - user:rosslessness
  5. Charles Snaberhaven
  6. Cheese Nips
  7. Chimerix
  8. Dr Zomboso
  9. dzme14
  10. Haemolacria - user:Animi
  11. Keagan Funkster - User:Funkster
  12. lego hack
  13. Naabster1983
  14. Natasha Ann
  15. Stuart Hateley
  16. Tekgo - user:Tekgo
  17. Walt Disney's Corpse - user:Belisha beacon
  18. Victor Rice
  19. Zoelee
  20. zombieskissmyass


  1. Doctor Adam Savage
  2. Fernley
  3. Officer Sheaffer
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