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I'm climbin' in yo window, snatchin' yo people's up, so you best hide ya kidz, hide ya wife

This user probably hates you.


This user hates the wiki.

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209-rabbit.jpg Mr Fluffles
This user loves to huggle a cute, fluffy, darling, lovable bunny every single day!

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The one and only

Just about NOT idled


Watcher - donated for this guy...not sure what I'm gonna do with him

Jimmy - He makes me feel really old sometimes when I see retired groups I used to fight against

Timmy - idling him for a while again (Timmah is on again off again, if im bored at work i play him)

Robert - long ago was Robert idled and recently came across the password to said account, now he hunts zergs like so many others. Played on the opposite days of Watcher.

Umbrella Killer

Everyone hates him

This user loves horizontal lines and think wiki nazis should allow others to use however many they want

The Urban Dead Universe and You Guide Book

Guide Book - Please check back after the holidays as I will update some stuff over the break, but the majority/spell check/grammar check/actually do the whole thing right post holiday season

Getting in Contact with me

Most likely you can PM me on Brainstock or Resens and I MIGHT get it but I would not recommend it if you feel like stalking me feel free to add me on facebook

Fan Club

  1. ) Duncan Idaho - his description originally read "ALT OF COLONEL KRAUSER". I think he was mad I killed him
  2. ) الله_من_الخدمة - I am referred to as Colonle Cunt :D
  3. ) The entire UBCS for stalking me after I quit, if you don't believe me, the iwits speak for themselves [1], [2], and [3] note the distance Imthatguy ran to find me after one of my kills was reported in Locketteside. Not to mention the number of them I wounded as "warnings" to leave me alone. I am sure the list will go on, as they seem to be unable to stop me from killing them.
  4. ) The majority of users who hate me :D
  5. ) I am not longer allowed to leave comments on User:Cornhole's talk page

Stop lurking or I KEEL you!
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