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Even with all my killings I can still make it to heaven. I just have to stack a pile of bodies high enough! - the Greaseman

The Greaseman is a serial killer who's fond of murdering high profile targets. Displaying a Malton Marshals insignia, he deceives those unaware of his true nature. With a few exceptions, this blood spiller's favorite kills are Malton's bounty hunters. "The hunter is the most engaging game" as the Greaseman says!


Early Life

Alexander Lucas was a happy child with well-to-do and loving parents. His father worked in law enforcement, and his mother was the head of a small advertising agency. His mother's connections in the media actually got baby Alex his first taste of fame. But it was this small bit of stardom that caused an early childhood trauma and put the Greaseman on the path to murder!

As a baby, little Alex appeared in commercials for Nanny No-More-Tears Baby Shampoo. When the commercial producers needed little Alex to cry (upon seeing any other shampoo), they gave him a little prick with a stick pin. This monstrous outrage, at such a tender age, scarred Alexander for life. And it was all downhill from there...

Before the Outbreak

While Alexander Lucas' profession, prior to the outbreak is unknown, it is known that he was a member of a secret order and militia based somewhere in Malton.

The Present

The Greaseman continues to murder Malton's commissioned law enforcers and spirited vigilantes alike. A few "non-combatants," who work with Malton's bounty hunters, have also been the victims of the Greaseman. This punisher of punishers seems to have learned from his mother that "It pays to advertise!," ensuring that his kills are recorded in the city's RG homicide log.

The Eager Participants

The Greaseman's kills include the following people:

Stephanie Bridges

Leonard Futz

Ghost Guard

Bo Richards

Melody Arachne

Cpl Chuck Norris




Carbon Black



Father Thompson

Michael Corsair

Lt Bill Cohen

John Charles

Private Steeeve



Nicholas Risto


John Cannonfodder


Jadis Blue

Gideon Strain

Billy McGoggenhammer



Jack Planter

doberman guy

norfolk n good

Ron Burgundy

Token Black Man

Wyle E Coyote

steve the decimator


johnny lunchpail


BriAnna Blackmoor

Myers MD


The Poe Toaster


Danny Finn



More About the Greaseman

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