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Malton's most powerful, and survivor friendly, group has finally arrived to Urban Dead Wiki

Often imitated. Always talked about. Such is expected when being the best ever.

What you need to know: The only live action Player group to ever exist in Urban Dead.

What does that mean? We number 50+ live players at any one time. We play MMOs over Teamspeak/Ventrillo, and often visit Malton together while waiting for PVP to queue, or Raids to form. We can fight in tandem, or all at once, as a result. So it may look like zerging, but using common sense will assuredly lead you to a more logical conclusion.

What we do: We help the survivors stay alive, and succeed, against the multitude of zombie zergs that populate the game. We even the status quo, and make sure that the survivors will never come close to being eliminated in game. The zombies can never win, no matter what tactics and/or cheating they try, and never will. We are here to help you if you are not a known PKer, Zerg, or Zed spy. We also restore whole burgs in quick fashion...and with relative ease.

Those that are against us: Occasionally there will be a misguided soul that believes the lies instead of the truth. To that we say watch our actions instead of someone else's words. However, the usual naysayers against us are known PKers, zerg cheats, and zombie spies that we have exposed. They will routinely attempt to spam tag lies, even going so far as to make fake wiki pages, to preserve their lies, and vainly attempt to seek a small amount of pointless revenge. We don't care. You can't stop us from our mission. And we always win. Survivors FTW

COMING SOON! The Official ZergPK List:

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