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Crimson Dread My pro-survivor character, of the NTCS
Cianuro My PKer survivor, aiming to join bRR
Cranial Implosion My pro-zombie character, in the RRF
Crimson Dread
TLTcrimson dread.jpg
Spicer Hills Soldier
Occupation: Survivor
Group: NecroTech Countermeasure Squad
Level: 7
  • To aid the NTCS in their operations.
  • To level-up to become a strong survivor.
Profile: I never thought that my first day on the job would be this hard. I knew about the stress of it all, but a zombie invasion? That's just crazy! Anyway, it was hard for the first few days, but I soon met up with some reliable survivors, who helped me and I'm now well on my way!
Profile Link: Crimson Dread
A Brain-Rotted PKer
Occupation: PKer
Group: None (Aiming for brainROT RUM)
Level: 6
  • To gain membership in brainROT RUM..
  • To kill lots of 'innocent' survivors!
Profile: Many years ago, a young spanish man heard about a rumour, which looking back he wishes he'd never followed it. The rumour? A zombie outbreak. After spending months, and eventually years trying to find it he finally did, and he shortly learned to survive. However, he got his name from an entirely different incident.

After about a year within the city, he found himself betrayed by a close friend. He became trapped within a small safehouse, which was overrun with zombies. After unloading clip after clip at the merciless creatures he gave up, and took what he knew a 'Cianuro', or cyanide in english. Somehow he survived, and he was amazed to find that the zombies had ignored him. Unfortunately it had taken it's toll, somehow corrupting his brain...

Profile Link: Cianuro
Cranial Implosion
TLTcranial implosion.jpg
Just Another Zombie
Occupation: Zombie
Group: Ridleybank Resistance Front
Level: 4
  • To aid the RRF in their zombie-nation efforts!
  • To kill some survivors...
Profile: Long before the outbreak, he was a student of academic excellance. He proved to be a very efficient problem solver, and of a genius' intelligence. As a reward, his university funded his transfer to Malton, as a studying trip. Of course, he didn't know anything about survival, and shortly after the epidemic began he secured himself in a safehouse with some other survivors. One night, he read some writing in blood on a wall to read 'RRF', and was about to query upon it when he saw a blood-stained survivor, who looked as if he spent as much time as a zombie deliver a fatal blow with an axe swing to his very head.
Profile Link: Cranial Implosion
  • Oh, great zombies! Bring me into your embrace with your blood-splattered claws of death! ...Yeah, I just got a Flak Jacket! Please leave the kill for a newbie, so they can get the 10xp kill bonus... my dying wish! - The Lethbridge Museum, Kinch Heights
ProjectEvil.png Project Evil Member
Fools! I'll destroy you ALL!
Un-w.png Project UnWelcome Member
Need help? Piss off.
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This user is British.

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