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So. You found me. I suppose since you're looking for me, (or wouldn't be looking for me obviously), I should say a little piece about myself. Well, The Lurker7 is my main character. Been playing since 2006. Joined the Ridleybank Resistance Front first chance I got (a buncha cool cats. What can I say?) Joined the Gore Corps. Been marching on to the beat of death cultism ever since.

Donut3 is my annoying little runt alt in Dulston. He runs KFTW. His main purpose is to provide an open sewer hole I suppose. I know I shouldn't be disparaging the guy, but what can I say? He runs a radio station that latches onto a bigger station in the vicinity of sleepy Dulston and gets involved in childish wars. Ce la vie.

Frankie Sinatra is my tertiary character. He's a pretty swell guy. Hangs out at Quartly most of the time and tries to help Roflwood as much as possible.

also, to those in the BBB. "YOU BASTARDS"

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