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The Ravings Of A Lunatic


Rather than send ages talking about my characters I thought I'd write about the game instead. I confese that I've only been playing the game for a few weaks, but I want to put down those things that I've observed.

Observations About The Game

I'm going to split this into a few sections, dealing with what I've noticed while playing a survivor and a zombie.

As A Survivor

My survivor is The Mad Axeman, and he lent his name to my editing efforts. I started off as a fireman - like a lot of people, as I learned later. I chose to be a civilian because it gave me the flexibility to adapt my playing style as I found out more about the game. His name was inspired by the old top trumps horror cards, although looking back I should have gone for The Executioner instead because that was a much more stylish card.

What I like

  • I like the tension. Loging out is always a risk, especially when the game starts to get a bir rough. Will I get away with it or will I wake up dead?
  • Multiple roles. Whether baricading, healing, hurting zombies or reviving them (Once I pick up the skill to do it.) I can change my tactics out of nesecity or just for the fun of it.
  • Co-operative play. I like being able to act in cohesion with other survivor. At one point I was traveling through a suburb that had been heavily ransacked and if you wanted to sleep in a baricaded building you had to put it up yourself - so I did, at VSB+2. When I awakened I found other had joined me, including a first level private. Someone had also put the baricades up further, proctecting there own ass, but virtually signing the privates death warrant because he lacked either free running to get back inside or construction to make his own safe house. I went outside and made a safe house at VSB+2 and then went back to tell him where it was. THe heavily fortified building was brocken into later, but the new one I made was better. I did something similar the next day and managed to lead him into a safer area with neither of us getting killed. It was a lot more fun than just looking after myself.

What Bothers Me

  • A Sense Of Futility. I understand that permanent death for zombies would be a really bad thing for the game because no-one would want to play one, but the fact that there is no way to drive them from an area except by boring them to a second death irritates me. Tedium and irritation should not be good ways to beat someone in a game designed to be exciting.
  • Almost Enforced Nomadism. This kind of ties in with my first point really. The fact that zombies can't be stopped means that the best tactic to use when dealing with them is to just clear out. That's alright, in a way, but I've noticed that zombie player often say that survivors are poorly organized. I think that's a least in part because they move around so much and are unfamiliar with the people around them. What I'm saying is that it damages the co-operative play that I like so much. Unfortunately, I feel that trying to organize in one area is asking to join the other side. Perhap's I will discover a way round this at some point, but right now it stands.

As A Zombie

My zombie character is only a few days old at the time of writing, so I'm going to hold of saying anything just yet. For what its worth his name is NotKenDodd because his not Ken Dodd - his one of the unDodd! If you're not British you probably wont get this, so don't worry if it doesn't make any sense.

The Mad Axeman thinks that he is the Antichrist.
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