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Bot Related Stuff

This is a list of bots I run. By bots, I mean programming code that can retrieve, edit and save pages to the wiki. The code allows edits to be made faster and with less overhead than for regular users. Currently all the code is manually run, and edits can only be made if somebody is actively running the program. That somebody is always me.

Check out this category for a list of all bots running on the wiki.

Active Bots

These bots are currently complete and will update the wiki from time to time, whenever they are run.

Any problems with these bots? Drop a line at my talk page.

Mobile Phone Mast Timekeeping

Bot User Account MobilePhoneMastBot
Status Active
Update Record Located Here
Pages Updated Template:Mobile Phone Mast Coverage, 100 danger reports (for buildings containing masts)
Current Major Iteration 4th

This bot is used to ensure that the information display on the Template:Mobile Phone Mast Coverage template is accurate. When a danger report is updated with a new mast status, that status should be set to an 'old' variant after 5 days total, and 'unknown' after ten days total. The bot checks the reports based on the timestamp in the user line and changes the mast status as needed. It updates the template with the true network coverage as given by the Urban Dead Stats Page and the known count of active masts as given by masts specified as active in danger reports.

Scenteral Intelligence Map Refreshing

Bot User Account ScenteralIntelligenceMapBot
Status Active
Update Record Located Here
Pages Updated Image:SIM Core Map.png
Current Major Iteration 4th

This bot recovers the SIM image from here and uploads it to the wiki at Image:SIM Core Map.png. That's it. Older versions used to deal with the expiry of individual SIM images when the project was hosted on the wiki.

External Military Report Recording

Bot User Account ExternalMilitaryReportBot
Status Active.
Update Record Located Here
Pages Updated EMRP: Reports to Process, 100 EMRP pages, 100 EMRP talk pages, 100 suburb danger reports, reported strategic buildings danger reports, reported buildings danger reports
Current Major Iteration 4th

The bot takes EMRs posted on EMRP: Reports to Process and then sorts them into their correct locations. It updates the EMRP page for the suburb in each report by looking at certain phrases within the report itself. It then posts a copy of the report in the EMRP talk page for the suburb for archive purposes. It makes edits to the suburb DangerReport namespace and alter levels based on the report's given information. It then edits any building DangerReports accordingly, if they were mentioned in the report. Upto two strategic buildings are reported on, and occasionally any building with a zombie horde outside. It then updates EMRP: Reports to Process accordingly to let users know the reports have been dealt with. These edits are human-overviewed and assisted.

Danger Report Timekeeping

Bot User Account DangerReportTimekeeperBot
Status Active
Update Record Located Here
Pages Updated Currently 5350 building danger reports, links to the list are provided on the main userpage.
Current Major Iteration 2nd

There are lots of subpages to the Danger Reports, this means that often they can go out of date without people ever noticing. Information is no real use if it's more than a month old. This bot will check the timestamps on a list of danger reports, and update those over a month old. It additionally provides some basic information on common errors such as erased user lines and malformed timestamps accessible in the update record.

Manual Editing-Assist Bots

These bots are designed to help me perform bulky manual edits, they are usually' Run Once' type programs.

Bulk Updates Bot

User Account BulkUpdatesBot
Status Active Batch Updater

A handy tool that I adjust on the fly to my needs.

Current Edits:

  • 100 edits: These involved updating the 100 suburb danger reports in the DangerReport namespace to a new version.
  • Approx 10,000 edits: Creation of nearly 10,000 pages for co-ordinates (EG:0,0) so they can be used as a search term.
  • Approx 115 edits: Creation of redirects for buildings named with St at the start, so they can be used as a search term.
  • Approx 360 edits: Correcting some ambiguous co-ordinate redirects from the first run.
  • Approx 5,300 edits: Creating (or altering) danger reports for every building in Malton.
  • 100 edits: Changed the header of the subcategories of Suburb Danger Levels to a template.
  • 100 edits: Changed the header of the suburb Building Information Centers to a template.
  • 200 edits: Creating and categorising suburb minimaps.
  • 100 edits: Edited suburb EMRP pages to make the category a noinclude and fix sort keys.
  • 100 edits: Added basic code for the new barricade plan template to each suburb's plan.
  • 100 edits: Changed the header of the subcategories for Malton's Suburbs to a template.
  • Approx 100 edits: Turned the misc items in suburb news archives into a template.
  • 100 edits: Created new templates for suburb group listings to replace old ones.
  • 100 edits: Edited suburb EMRP pages to make the format a selectable template.

The following Bots used to run through my account, this no longer occurs.

Quick Updates Bot

User Account The Rooster
Status Active Manual-Editing Assistant

A handy tool that I adjust on the fly to my needs. I feed it a page or list of pages, a handful of code that deals with how the page needs to be changed (Usually no more than adding a few lines, or maybe a complete replace of text) and it runs through the list. Simply, fast and mostly effective. This bot is for generally small jobs (usually no more than 100 edits).

Danger Report Standardization

User Account The Rooster
Status Manual-Editing Assistant, perhaps to be reinstated, recoded and rerun under the BUB account.

Original Run: This bot standardizes Danger Reports. I've run for three major edit-streaks. The first time it went through everything and fixed it all, a few errors here and there which I didn't notice with my manual checking but nothing major. The second time it was solely to fix categories for Office Building and NTs by removing the word 'The' in the Building Danger Levels sort key. The third time it rolled out a new standard and also created a handful of mobile phone mast pages that needed creating. It managed to make a half-major screw up on some of the existing mast reports but these have since been fixed. I estimate that roughly 1500 of my edits are due to this thing, that certainly wasn't my intention.

I'm burying this bot under a foot of soil. Let's hope it never need be run again.

Run Two: After some months, many more reports have been made. A new template for ambiguous buildings has been made and needs to be used. The bot needs to re-run in order to make this change and also re-check standards. It may eventually be retooled for this purpose.

Location Link Disambiguation

User Account The Rooster
Status Retired Manual-Editing Assistant

This bot targeted pages using the LocationBlock or LocationBlockMerge templates that link to other building's with ambiguous links that meant you ended up at a disambiguation page. After some 3200 edits, it's job has been completed. Anything that did escape will likely get corrected manually anyway. Pages linking to disambiguation pages were down to just 1700 after this bot finished running.

Design Phase

Bots currently still being designed.

Nothing in development at this time.

Ideas for Bots

These are bots I haven't even entered one line of code for, but might be useful.

No new ideas at this time.

The Scrapheap

Anything that was considered, but not expanded upon.

Revivification Point List Timekeeping

User Account Would've probably been a seperate account.
Status Scrapped at Design Phase
Possible Functions

This bot would deal with the timekeeping on the List of Revivification Points page by marking points as outdated where required.

Scrapped due to the lengthy times between required edits, manual editing will suffice for the page in question.

Locations Unmerger

User Account Would've probably been through the BUB account.
Status Scrapped at Drawing Board
Possible Functions

This bot would unmerge collections of locations. (EG: Dulston Pubs) and separate them into individual location pages.

Scrapped due to extremely negative reception, manual unmerging seems to be fine anyway.

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