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WTF Central

Template:Custom Title - Any way to make this more respectful of other skins? System messages? Z-Index? Pit 4. Dev tools. Mob. ** This refuses to comply despite most efforts. Brokenness on other skins should be discussed in reference to content outside the page area


Under Construction Since Forever



  • Reinstate GameNametoWikiName function, to replace horde building identifier from the horrific regex.
  • Implement smarter suburb danger suggestion system, taking into account the current status.
    • Blazingly good idea on this one:
    • Make a guess on a floating scale, certain ranges for certain statuses.
    • Give current status a value in the middle of its range.
    • Only adjust along the scale by a <1 factor depending on difference between update and broadcast times.
    • Update now takes into account the last status to prevent "overjumping" into a status when it's borderline.
    • Old updates are regarded as less accurate, so current "vague EMR > random old status" still applies.
      • Month 1.0, Fortnight 0.75, Week, 0.67, Now 0.5
    • Less crap updates
    • Can partially blame crap updates on whoever updated last. Woo blame shifting.
    • Cons: People who update with plain wrong stuff could mean underjumping and a slightly off status. Blame them even more.
  • bugger
  • Update suburb danger reports to use new example instructions a la User:DangerReport/Dakerstown.
  • A/(S)D - Underused danger reports. (It's only been like a year since I suggested it)
  • GSGM, old message cleanup?
  • Suburb template location minimap
  • Fucking RP redundancy of doom fix (Currently conflicting TRP template, cade plans, suburb maps, list of RPs, and individual building pages)
  • See if flagbox tidying has improved inclusion cost. (Yes, and significantly)
  • Suburb template/page standardisation (Pit 8)
  • Fix Talk:EMRP histories timezone-stamp


  • Need to figure out what to do with the 'zone' danger reports (no replies from those involved yet)
  • Bunch of flagboxes still need fixing and boilerplated documentation. Done those originally within the category.
  • Remove dead code from usage of Template:Suburb. Look into fixing it up in general.

Delete Pending

Old template removal:


  • Auto Repair Shop (ARS) [Aut]
  • Bank [Ban]
  • Cathedral [Cat]
  • Church [Chu]
  • Cinema [Cin]
  • Club [Clu]
  • Factory [Fac]
  • Fire Station (FS) [Fir]
  • Hospital [Hos]
  • Hotel (includes Motels) [Hot]
  • Junkyard [Jun]
  • Library [Lib]
  • Mall [Mal]
  • Mansion [Man]
  • Museum [Mus]
  • NecroTech Building (NT) (NecroTech) [Nec]
  • Office Building (Office) [Off]
  • Police Department (PD) [Pol]
  • Power Station (PS) [Pow]
  • Pub [Pub]
  • Railway Station (RS) [Rai]
  • School [Sch]
  • Stadium [Sta]
  • Tower [Tow]
  • Warehouse [War]
  • Carpark {Not Car Park} [Car]
  • Cemetery [Cem]
  • Monument [Mon]
  • Park [Par]
  • Street [Str]
  • Wasteland [Was]
  • Armoury [Arm]
  • Barracks [Bar]
  • Gatehouse (GH) [Gat]
  • Infirmary [Inf]
  • Storehouse (SH) [Sto]
  • Vehicle Depot (VD) [Veh]
  • Exercise Yard (EY) [Exe]
  • Training Ground (TG) [Tra]
  • Zoo Grounds (ZG) [Gro]
  • Zoo Enclosure (ZE) [Enc]

Category Map

Wiki Overhual List

Horribly outdated and hilarious in hindsight. Might salvage a few things.

Community To Do List


This is vital stuff really, in order to get things rolling, somewhere more centralized and visible is needed to attract the attention of the community at large.

  • Massive remake of the Community Portal. It gets next to no attention as is.
  • Get the community stuff in a good sized box on the front page. That worthless 'navigation' template could easily make room if it had some lipo.
    • Consider some sort of 'featured article', of the week/month, for good articles that should get some attention.
    • Consider some sort of 'article needing help' of the week, for articles that have potential and are getting there, but need a kick start.
  • Consider creation of coders central, for technical sided stuff.
  • The entire 'Help' section could do with some attention.

Old, Abandoned Pages

  • Either radically update or remove old pages that nobody visits.
  • Get some links spread around for the kept pages, so they don't fall out of use again.


  • Suggestions could do with a facelift, and less walls of text based doom, organization not too bad given scale at this point.


  • Removal of old and inactive groups with no real content on their pages that do not meet criteria to be kept for historical reasons.

Coding To Do List


  • God, for a start most of the infrastructure needs some template documentation.
  • Move documentation to either the talk or a /doc page to reduce inclusion calls.
  • Similar templates like flagboxes should have common variables, calls and usage examples.
  • Infrastructure cross template documentation certainly helpful, the system is pretty complex and hard to understand without help.

Overhaul the DangerMap

  • Correct possible statuses to one form of English. 'Moderate' should be 'Moderately Dangerous'. 'Ghost Town' should be 'A Ghost Town' or 'Abandoned' or some such.
  • Insert flexible formatting for suburb danger levels and make it easier to update.
  • Update dependent templates.

Building Danger Reports

  • Make use of the disambig variable in reports. It is not implemented to its proper extent.
  • Standardize and ensure danger level definitions are propagated correctly.
  • Find consensus on which building require a report template. Create for those lacking and delete for those outside this consensus.
  • Update related danger images.
    • Remake all images in vector format, and save as png(24-bit) for transparency (or even svg if supported), better quality and use better filenames.
    • Consider general colour redesign to be more in line with common sense and other map standards.
  • Get the Department of Redundancy Department to come
  • Individual suburb BICs need to be standardized and linkified on their respective pages. Most just need creation.
  • Decide on a proper categorization scheme.

RP List

  • Get standards and formatting problems sorted. Can do large amounts of changes as long as source HTML on the list is unchanged.
  • Consider using the existing Template:RevivePointUpdate template to create an update for each suburb.

Suburb Pages

  • Get these rewritten to be about the suburb, and avoid mentioning groups unless thoroughly significant. It just creates information that goes out of date.
  • Include revive point statuses if the RP list is overhauled & it is considered fair.
  • Include some mini danger reports, if considered fair, for buildings considered significant.
  • Work out the issue with Cade Plans and get them either on or off once and for all.


  • Locate and eradicate the various half finished maps from the early days that are of little value.
  • Create a nicer version of the map template used within categories.
  • Create, or decide on, and implement standard barricade plan format.
  • Locations
    • Unmerge collections of locations.
    • Create new and properly considered location style guide and implement.
  • Possible implementation of important buildings maps, combining the malls, NTs and whatever else is deemed of the highest importance (within template inclusion limits)


  • Ruthless removal of old and unneeded past versions of images.
  • Massive categorization structure change
  • Possible renaming spree?
  • Mall logos should a switch-based template to swap the image between normal and bloody based on danger report status.
  • Replace jpg images with png images where possible. If it's not a real world photograph then it doesn't need to be a jpg.

Categories Reformat

  • Rename and reorganise category makeup to be more sensible.
  • Remove categories for items that are not a direct subset of said category.
  • Categorize categories for direct subsets as needed.


  • Determined and ruthless eradication of redundant, useless or unused templates. Condense flagboxes where feasible.
  • Remove templates that are interfering with general infrastructure of proper systems.
  • Categorization restructure needed.
  • Overhaul/remove/replace the really old maintenance templates.