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The Zombodile Hunter - Member of Team Zombie Hardcore and resident Zombodile destructionator for TZH - Lockdown Squad.

The Zombodile Hunter.JPG

Unknown to most Steve Irwin had a twin brother, Bean Irwin. While his brother hunted animals of all sort Bean Irwin was an adventure seeker of a different sort and it wasn't until the fall of Malton to the zombie hordes that he found his true calling. Ruling Zed ass.

Above is a rare shot of Bean Irwin, better known as The Zombodile Hunter, in Malton. Here he is explaining to a group of Zed's of the great of the Divine One himself Mark Whalberg and the power of being truly Hardcore. Of course the zombie scum didn't comprehend the logic of the great Zombodile Hunter and he was forced to destroy them with a combination of small arms fire and hand to hand combat. (Note: Most footage of said smack down was lost do to The Zombodile inadvertently destroying the camera during the ensuing carnage. The rest is locked up away from human eyes in fear the sheer awesome could destroy ones brain.)

Hardcore Slaying [Tracked since joining TZH]:

Soft Core Zeds: 14

Bitch ass PKers: 2 (Insancipitory x2)



expression, slang - English.

1)To try your best, give everything you've got in an endeavour

2)To try very hard in a sporting event, for example a race

3)A testicular tagging tribute paid to Mark Whalberg leader of Team Zombie Hardcore.

Where it began is up to some debate. Some scholars believe that it was coined by Whalberg himself, a message handed down to his followers to give word to what exactly it was to be truly hardcore. Others have speculated that it was always there, in the subconscious of man, and was spoken by those who first laid there eyes upon the divine one.

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