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The Player

  • Real Name: Marc Storck
  • Age: 21
  • Location: Colorado
  • Occupation: College Student

The Characters

thebrassthief is my dedicated Survivor. I started him as a Medic on accident. After several weeks of running around helpless, searching for FAKs like it was cocaine, miserably swinging at zombies with his absolute lack of combat ability, he became an axe welding madman and has lived happily ever since. I try to keep him alive as much as possible and it's been working well as he has died less then five times. He is the establishing member of We Are Nice Guys after I posted a thread to guage interest over at the Penny-Arcade forums. Here is the thread if your interested in keeping up with WANG. Right now thebrassthief spends his days hanging in Scarletwood in the Stark Building, WANG's HQ, occasionally making rounds in the surrounding suburbs.

Planters is my career Zombie. I made him because I wanted to join up with Mall Tour '09. After a few weeks of not getting accepted, I decided to just join with the Goons since i also recently got a SomethingAwful account. He is part of The Dead and is working his way up the suburbs to where they are currently operating. It's a slow process and he is new but it should be fun.

This page is a WIP. I don't know Wiki editing so, it may be a while.

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