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I got alts.

Lucy Daniels : GHOST (formerly of the Fortress)
Charlie Chapman : Brain Curators
Harvey Blinkman : Fort Perryn Defense Force
jazzhands mcgee : The Flowers of Decay
Elliot Anderson : (formerly of the Philosophe Knights)
chicken finger : Ridleybank Resistance Front
Gewurztraminer : The Scourge
creme de la creme : unaffiliated

But the good news is, I want alts. Now here's the deal: my son Spray's birthday party is on Saturday. And I inherited from my uncle one thousand alts the other day. And here's what we want to do: I want to paint on my wall - in honey - "Happy Birthday Spray, I'm disappointed in you" - in honey, right? So I'll release the alts, in the room, and they all go and form "Happy Birthday Spray, I'm disappointed in you".
Your son's name is Spray?
It's short for Spraynard.
Spray -- Spraynard is his full name?
Spraynard Kruger. I'm just worried because all of his friends are going to be over, and I believe some of them are allergic to alts. And I am disappointed in my son, he didn't do a very good job in school this year, so I want to punish him in that respect.