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Thom Solo
Starting Occupation: Civilian
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: To serve and defend the people of Malton, and Dunell Hills in particular.
Username: Thom_Solo
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Basic Info

Arrived in the City: shortly after the initial outbreak; separated from military unit he was attached to on 12/17/2005
Current Status: Alive and active


Thom Solo was a young rookie firefighter at the Ainslie Road Station in Dunell Hills before the zombie outbreak. He was on vacation when it struck, and returned as soon as he heard the news, to find his city under quarantine. None of his friends made it out before the quarantine fell; he offered his services as a guide to one of the military units going into Malton. Command refused, but the unit commander--himself a Malton native, with a wife and two kids left inside--brought Thom along anyway.

At first the unit had some success, but horror and lack of any good sleep took its toll. Some of the men snapped and ran, while others grew reckless. Thom realized that while these men were trained to fight and kill, most of them had never been in a real combat situation, had never faced death. In that respect, he had an advantage; he'd experienced his first full-blown inferno with two weeks of joining the fire department, had carried out smoldering corpses of children, had seen his friends get horribly burned. Perhaps that's why, when the unit found itself facing a zombie mob, he was able to keep his wits and survive the battle, where most of the soldiers did not.

By that time, they were in western Malton, not far from Thom's home ground, so when the surviving soldiers decided to make a run to Fort Creedy and regroup with other military units there, he stayed behind.

Living day to day at first, Thom heard that the local police precincts in Dunell Hills, those that remained, were working to form a group to protect the suburb from zombies--zeds, as they were more popularly known among the survivors--and make it a haven for humans in need. They had recently fought off an invasion by the Undying Scourge, among others. Although he had no experience with firearms (yet), Thom could swing an axe with the best of them, so he joined up. At first he was more of an independent agent within the group; he knew how to patch up most injuries, how to build up efficient barricades, how to get from building to building without exposure. So he was able to operate on his own without much trouble.

Then the call came out for an operation into nearby Molebank, under the auspices of the newly-formed Bravo Squad, and Thom joined the team as a proud member of Bravo.

During the so-called "Zmobageddon", Bravo Squad came to the defense of the Caiger Mall region against the Mall Tour '06 horde. While defending Pagram Library, just outside of the mall proper, from a zed attack, Thom fell to the undead horde, but was revived not long afterwards. It was an experience he aims to avoid in the future, but if he has to sacrifice himself in the defense of others, so be it.

After serving for a time at Caiger, Thom joined Bravo Squad in operations in Peddlesden Village and Owsleybank. During the latter, he fell during a break-in at Ruggevale Walk PD, and spent some time as a zombie, memories of his life driving him to fight as the zeds do, but against them. After this experience, he no longer fears death, though he does not welcome it either.

Thom returned to Caiger Mall for a supply run and got caught up in what turned out to be the last gasps of the "official" Mall Tour. Unfortunately, the Tour's warlord and several active Tourists found a fresh target in Dunell Hills itself, which means that while Thom finally returned to his home ground after weeks away (though they felt like years), it was hardly the restful homecoming he'd hoped to find. The zombie horde ran rampant through the streets before moving on to other targets, leaving numerous ferals and small groups in its wake. Since then, the DHPD has been working on rebuilding and fine-tuning its strategies to prevent future routs.

In the course of this fine-tuning, Thom was promoted to the DHPD command staff, and given the task of forming up Indigo Squad, the DHPD's new rapid-deployment/counterstrike unit. Indigo was active for some time, but eventually faded and Thom was reassigned back to Bravo, first as leader and then as a squad member when he began suffering from blackouts, while Indigo resumed under other leadership.

Today, after a lengthy period lying around as a corpse, Thom is back as an active member of the DHPD, now attached to Alpha Squad. He figures that eventually he'll serve in every single DHPD squad in existence, or die trying.


Currently working with the DHPD in and around Roywood. Immediate plans will likely include heading back into the Hills themselves.

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