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Heya, old UD player back from 2006. Quite a while back, and restarted in December of 2010. Not much else to say.


EXOangel - Ex-healer, currently a PKer for Red Rum; He used to be such a friendly guy... What has happened to him?

EXOdemon - Ex-zombie, currently a wandering healer; He seems so gloomy, and sort of anti-social, but he's so nice! But those eyes... I can't help but recognize those dark, pained eyes.

EXOnuetral - Building reclaimer. Currently considering a pro-survivor group. Feel free to recruit me on my discussion page. Yes, I know I spelled neutral wrong. I was twelve; So young, yet so brave! His eyes catch everything, and he seems to learn so fast... It was hard to believe that one so young had managed to survive in this city, but now that I've met him, it's quite understandable.

EXOfinal - Ex-zombie hacker, character retired as rotter. Rarely used; A small shiver floats up my spine as I grip the strange, hooked weapon... Who had owned this?"

These are my newer alts, made since I came back to UD.

Jessica Firhar - Traveling NT employee. Revives and DNA scans; Very attractive, yet somehow mildly awkward. She's always wearing some sort of mask. Why is she hiding her face?

Jessi Slaughter - Joke character, and total asshole. May have a future as a PKer; NechroTechPerson injected a zombie with a syringe and it slumped to the floor. NechroTechPerson injected a zombie with a syringe and it slumped to the floor. NechroTechPerson extracted a DNA sample from you. NechroTechPerson said "Yeah, no. Not reviving this one."

Redsclub.png Gentlemen's Club
Feel free to purchase a lapdance, but be prepared to pay with your life, for this user is a member of Red's Gentlemen's Club.

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