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Timid Dan, The Character : Former Knight of St. Jude

A former member of the Knights of St. Jude.

Timid Dan was a knight in reasonably good standing, mostly because the other Knights hadn't realized how incredibly subversive TD can be. He was constantly suggesting radical, unbalancing ideas like 'working together' and 'not PKing each other'.

Timid Dan led a moderately successful effort at re-barricading the suburb of Molebank, and was quite pleased at the efforts of the Knights in bringing the buildings near St. Jude's Cathedral to a semblance of barricadeness.

Sadly, however, the brief period of relative safety ended as Molebank once again descended into a pit of zerging, PKing, and utter insanity. TD decided that it wasn't worth the effort of fighting the zerg efforts both in the game and on the wiki, so he left the chaotic situation and headed... elsewhere. He has peacefully resigned his commission, if such a thing can be done, and seeks no further contact with the Knights and/or St. Jude's Cathedral.

Currently, Timid Dan can be found wandering at random, barricading buildings and taking potshots at the occasional zombie that gets too close.

The Secret Life of Timid Dan

Timid Dan has secrets. The most obvious one is that TD likes to refer to himself in the third person periodically. Another is that he has a few Alts, one of which is a dedicated Brain-rotted Zombie (nowhere near his primary, no worries).

His most intriguing and surprising secret remains unrevealed, thankfully.

Timid Dan, Spam Cannon

Timid Dan loves to watch and participate in Suggestion Page voting and submission. He's only created a couple of suggestions himself to date, but at least one was Peer Reviewed, a fact which he's quite proud of. He also feverently hates inane suggestions that eat page space, so it's no surprise that he's got an itchy trigger finger on the "SPAM" vote button.

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