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Starting Occupation: NecroTech Research Division, Tokyo HQ
Group Membership: VZW
Goals: Reclaiming Edgecombe and defending the living against Zed depredations.
Username: Tokarishi
More details: Urban Dead profile

Edgecombe in Recovery

After the long travails of life following The Big Bash 2, Edgecombe is recovering. The VZW is here to aid survivors in the task of rebuilding the city and regaining a modicum of normalcy in the midst of horror. Tokarishi has resumed his duties as Principal Investigator for the Necrotech Reclamation and Revivification Project.

ZedBadge.jpg VZW Zed Hunter Badge
This VZW member has sucessfully terminated a minimum of 100 zombies.

ReviveBadge.jpg VZW Revive Badge
This VZW member has sucessfully conducted a minimum of 100 revives.


News and info: Mall Tour '07

Tools: Oldidge Way Revive Request Map, Request a Revive, Most Wanted List, DEM Services Forum, Mall Information Center

Maps: Map of Malton, Map of Suburbs, Map of Edgecombe

Groups: VZW, DEM, MDK, Edgecombe Families, The Crusade of Reclamation


7:30 EST, May 11th, 2007 -- Bear Pit

I spent the night in the Bear Pit at the Malton Zoo after getting a priority revive request from Plisken who apparently spent the night in a shoddily barricaded hotel in Ketchelbank. Some joker mounted a stuffed bear head in the Bear Pit and a stuffed lion head in the Lion Emclosure. Sick fucks out here in the Zoo. Anyway, a successful rendezvous with Plisken's corpse and another revive for Tokarishi. Time to rest up and head back to the Four Corners.

20:18 EST, April 26th, 2007 - Hunting at Maver

Tully and I waded into a crowd of 17 Zeds at the Maver Building and left bunches with new holes. Will update further once the rest of the VZW reports in with their kills! So far, the group took out 10 zeds tonight - down from 17 to 7 and more to go!! Overall a good night of hunting!!

21:31 EST, April 25th, 2007 - Preparation

The VZW is finally preparing a group mission! We will post reports of the aftermath. Getting ready today, I had to hide in a sarcophagus in the Salisbury Museum in south Vinetown while Zeds ransacked the place!! Just too tired to keep moving after some morons overbarricaded entrances to the Mall!

11:58 EST, April 23rd, 2007 - On Patrol

Spent the last couple days clearing out the PDs around Maver and healing up the poor sots I encountered along the way. Had the great pleasure of encountering my friend Yann Tiersen from the ZdZ today, all alone inside Maver! After being killed once by this menace, I've now put him down twice.

Bet that new headshot I've perfected since our last encounter hurts!!

16:48 EST, April 19th, 2007 - Doing Our Duty

After a long hiatus of updating, here's another one!

All VZW members have been busy of late. Between getting PKed and stalking said PKers, life/unlife has been interesting. We are now keeping track of these little nasties and plan to collect our bounties.

We've been in the Mitchem Mall made several forays against the powerful Zeds of the ZDZ. We've been at the Maver Necrotech Facility and the surrounding area performing revives and capping Zeds, including the ZDZ. We've cleaned out and defended the Police Departments and Hospitals in the area as well as we recognize them as a valuable resource for low level survivors.

I've just escaped the Cape Avenue PD and have returned to the Mall. At this point, I'm pretty much out of everything. FAKs, syringes, weapons, I'll be here shopping and trying to stay out of the way of the PKing slime who seem to plague the Malls of late.

17:10 EST, April 9th, 2007 - Fighting at the Museum

The last few days have been intensely exciting and eventful in the fight to retake Edgecombe. We have some major enemies in the ZdZ who keep breaking into the facilities...excellent opponents! But the groups are trying to get the upper hand now! Buildings are getting powered, zeds are getting slaughtered...with the occasional slaughter of surivors, which I can attest to.

Finally had enough and followed others instructions to my first low-HP Zed and hacked the beast to death! Felt good! The VZW is rapidly increasing in their group skills with Tully leading the way into zed slaughtering techniques. Dr. Wugwump finally has Free Running, Plisken is working the rounds, and Hel, well, we've heard he's on his way.

Can't wait to get the whole group on a mission!

19:18 EST, April 4th, 2007 - At the Safehouse

The VZW is gathering at our safehouse. Other groups have been contacted and the plan is ready...but no plan survives contact with the enemy. Mugwump's safehouse was breached earlier today and we had to replan our approach. The barricades are up, but will they hold? Only the night will tell...

22:51 EST, April 3rd, 2007 - The Storm is about to break

Interest has been growing and more people are joining. I've been getting questions from random suriviors in the Mitchem Mall, and other groups are joining. Check out the VZW for tactical ideas on small group cooperation tactics.

I have 9 syringes and 20 FAKs and I'm ready to do my duty. Are you?

21:18 EST, April 1st, 2007 - Gathering Storm

Currently in Houldenbank gathering syringes, FAKs, and gennys for the assault on Edgecombe. Gather your weapons! Gather your friends! Join the assault and retake a suburb from the Zeds!

T-shirts go on sale Thursday!

11:18 EST, March 31st, 2007 - The ***** *******

Over the last day Tokarishi has been trying to organize a defense of the ***** *******. Our allies, the Edgecombe Families have made good on helping and revived me at ***** RP. We are also trying to contact the MDK for help holding the *******. Maintaining ****** in the suburb is the only way to bring Edgecombe back from the brink.

The rest of the VZW is trying to hone their skills down at the safety of the Mitchem Mall in Vinetown. We'll see whether the next couple days show a group coming together...or driven apart by the rampaging hoards!

09:13 EST, March 29th, 2007 - Tactical Retreat

The VZW is abandoning Edgecombe for the time being. After a harrowing couple of days dodging Zeds, we've determined that not only are all Hopsitals and NTs unable to stay running, but practically every building is ransacked - including the one I just woke up in.

Some pond scum PKer named Distinguised just came in as a Zed and gnawed on my head. Once Tully gets my last groaning scream, hopefully he will return to bring me back among the living.

Our plan is to head south then east scouting Hospitals and NT facilities. If all else fails, we are heading to the Mitchem Mall in Vinetown. It is reported as a safe place.

15:35 EST, March 27th, 2007 - Tynte Gone

Well, that didn't last long now did it? I only stuck around in Tynte for long enough to collect a load of FAKs before the lights went down and the Zeds poured in the SW quarter. I stayed in the Lasder Building right next door and watched the horror from the upper silence.

This morning I brought Tully back to the living and then Plisken this afternoon. Not sure what the next plan for the VZW should be, but helping with the recovery of our home turf of Edgecombe sounds like a good idea to me.

buddhagazelle is still a Zed but not hanging out at Digby Walk where he is registered. If anyone spots him, let me know.

16:22 EST, March 26th, 2007 - Tynte Mall!

Phew! Almost didn't make it last night. the northern half of Roftwood is blasted and infested with Zeds. Since there are no hospitals near the Mall, the bes place to set up the new pharmacy is actually in the Mall. So be it. Zeds have already broken into part of the Mall.

My plan is to stock up (a lot) on FAKs, mainly for myself, get some more syringes from the NT while it is standing, then head back to the revive points in Rothwood. The Mall can not be held without some of the fighters now waiting for revive.

05:35 EST, March 26th, 2007 - They've Come!

<Breathing heavily>….Holy….crap…too many, too many! Zeds are everywhere in Roftwood. They broke into the Towers early this morning. I woke up to one of them clawing and biting me…think I’m infected...I count 17 here now, no make that 20…must move…

The whole neighborhood is infested…I’m in Swansborough Park…there’s Plisken <hiss> and…is that? Yeah, Mugwump too <hiss>…50 other Zeds here, ack another bite…moving…

Crap…Abbot is barricaded up…trying the Cadbury Bank…Thank God, safe. Exhausted, need to rest…

What? Did I fall asleep again? <Hiss> That should take care of that infection…going to Browne to check on Tully…crap, 2 Zeds inside…so tired…Think I can make it across this fire escape to Hardisty…

I can hear them outside…the banging…the clawing…must stay awake…must stay…must…

18:15 EST, March 25th, 2007 - Hildebrand Fallen

After reentering the Mall this morning it was clear that the end was near. After clearing out his Zed-cranium penicillin lab, I headed north to the Philpotts Towers (67, 52), meeting up with Tully. Loaded with syringes, I plan to stay in the area as long as possible. Depending on how the Tour moves next, I may reload again at Browne and continue with revive duty as the Tour moves past.

If the Tour declares an extermination on the suburb, well, stat is another story...

22:07 EST, March 24th, 2007 - Winding Down

The siege at Hildebrand may be coming to an end. The Herbet Building seems to have definitely fallen. With 50 Zeds inside, getting revives is starting to be a problem. PKers are in many buildings surrounding the Mall as well. As Zeds moved through the NE quarter, I managed to lose his extractor and needs another one. The closest place is the Browne Building...

Searched and found another extractor for future use. Many damaged and heavily injured people along the way. Not comfortable staying here tonight but I'm exhausted. Luck through the night. If the Mall is still standing in the morning and I'm alive, I'll rejoin the fight then. Tokarishi

16:07 EST, March 23rd, 2007 - Advancing

Since joining the Mall defense, Tokarishi has increased his skills in fighting Zeds immensely. Did you know that penicillin can be grown in the cranial cavity of a Zed? Yep, it can. Tully and I have a small shop setup in the back of the Drug Store pumping out pain killers (a.k.a. Rubbing alchohol mixed with Jagermeister) and antifungals. We are hoping Dr. Mugwump wil join us shortly. His skills can help heal more Mall fighters.

Tokarishi is now learning the finer points of barricading. The longer the Mall holds out, the more practice everyone gets. Next order of business will be practicing with this handy axe. Tokarishi would like to start collecting his own Zed cranial cavities!! If you want something done right...

16:17 EST, March 21st, 2007 - Living (barely) in the Mall

After crawling out of the pile of bodies outside the Mall, I ran through the devastated Denis General Hospital before finding a route into the Mall. Buildings are barricaded, then ransacked with alarming frequency.

Inside the Mall, I've been searching for FAKs and healing the fighters as they come back. Lately, some zeds have managed to get inside and I had to watch one destroy a generator and radio transmitter, while I waited helplessly behind parking a shuttle, exhausted from the endeavors of the day. My skill with this hefty axe is just not up to taking on the lumbering undead...yet.

As of this moment, all four quarters of the Mall are dark, but the defense continues. I'll do my duty here as long as the Mall holds out!

19:13 EST, March 20th, 2007 - A Favor Returned

In an interesting turn of events, one of the guys I revived (buddhagazelle) came back and revived me already. I am currently dead and cannot stand up in my weakened state. I'm staying here tonight, under a pile of corpses at Turpin Crescent, as its safer than being on the streets. I will get up and join Tully in the Mall on the medical brigade tomorrow.

I've added the gazelle to my contact list and plan to return the favor in the future.

17:25 EST, March 20th, 2007 - Desperate revives

Well, that was not entirely successful! I managed to get into the revive point and bring back two heavy hitters while getting attacked. After I left, I thought I was safe, but 2 Zeds pursued me and now I’m dead! Interestingly, I had enough AP left to stand up and bite the hell out of one of my attackers.

17:25 EST, March 19th, 2007 - Into the Fray Tomorrow

After searching up syringes, I’ll be heading into the open revive points to revive high-level zombies to continue the fight in Hildebrand. Doing my part!

Bases around Edgecombe have come under attack...seems nowhere is safe! So I'll be taking the fight to the Mall and reviving the meanest, badest fighters I can find!

Wish me luck to get through the unfriendlies no doubt standing around the RPs.

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