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Travis Wells is a proud member of

Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon

Travis Wells
Name: Travis Wells
Age: 29
Occupation: Police Officer/SWAT Pointman
Current Status: Active
Location: Kempsterbank
Current Level: 41
Group: Knights Templar

  Travis Wells  

"Death Before Dishonor"


  • Note: The following is a dramatization based on factual information about what this character did and where he went over the years.


Travis Wells was born and raised in Malton. His father was a firefighter, while his mother worked for a company called NecroTech. Growing up, Travis wanted to become a police officer, much to the dismay of his father. Regardless, Travis graduated from high school and left Malton for a few years to attend a police academy. Upon graduating, Travis moved back to Malton and got a job as a beat cop at Voizey Drive Police Dept in Pennville. During this time Travis volunteered to join the city's SWAT Team. He went through training and became a qualified pointman. Two quiet, peaceful years passed.


This didn't last forever, though. Travis was ground zero when the outbreak hit and saw first hand the destruction and chaos going on around him. Upon traveling through the city and reaching his precinct, he attempted to help bring order back to the building. After things were under control, he and his SWAT unit were deployed into the streets to try to hold back the zombies and keep them from reaching the station. This resulted in a complete massacre, as they were overrun by a massive swarm of zombies. Travis was the only survivor, so he fled to near-by Fort Perryn to take refuge. There he assisted the military in trying to keep the base safe. As time passed on, it became apparent that no one would be coming to rescue them and Travis was tired of fighting off the endless amount of zombies that would attack the fort. One day, he simply packed up his supplies and left, wandering the streets of Malton on his own, helping out those he could along the way. Travis lost track of time as he simply drifted from place to place, suburb to suburb.

Then one day while in Kempsterbank, Travis met some members of a survivalist group known as the Knights Templar. Impressed by their bravery and commitment to protecting the survivors in Malton, Travis went on to join this group. He assisted in holding off a large attack by the MOB and generally did his part to keep the suburb safe and to build up the Knights. With things very calm and controlled in Kempsterbank and after numerous arguments with the leader of the Knights over the group's goals and direction, Travis felt his work was done. He said his good-byes to his friends in the Knights Templar and made his way up North towards Peddlesden Village. Once there he began recruiting for his elite group of peace-keepers known as the Special Sanitation Unit and allied with the local DHPD. He remained in the Village for a few months, protecting the weak and exterminating the wicked.

Soon, though, he received a radio transmission from his friends in the Knights Templar. It seemed that the aforementioned leader had left and they wished for Travis to return. Thus, he began his journey back to Kempsterbank, having disbanded the SSU, most of which were absolved into the DHPD. During his journey back, the MOB once again began attacking Kempsterbank. Upon arriving, Travis assisted in the resistance in an attempt to drive the them out. Travis killed the MOB's leader, jorm, shortly before the group moved on. Travis remained in Kempsterbank and continued helping out the survivors. Things remained quiet until an attack by ferals following the LUE on their attack of Pole Mall. This group was quickly silenced and things became calm once again.

This was but the eye of the storm. A group calling themselves the Wingmen, a former survivor group, began attacking. First all of the hospitals fell, then both of the NecroTech Buildings. Things seemed to be taking a turn for the worse and there was nothing Travis could do but fight to survive. The Wingmen were finally pushed back, but the Minions of the Apocalypse took their place. Travis was on the front lines when they began their attack; despite a valiant effort to fight them off and protect the Dobbs Building, he became their first victim. In death he continued his assault, but realized he was more of a use alive, and was thus revived by his fellows Knights. Angry and ready for revenge, Travis waited patiently for the right time to strike. He got his revenge, taking out many zombies, and clearing Dobbs.


And then, at the peak of his success, Travis vanished. For months he remained out of sight. His actions during this time are unknown and any attempts to ask him have been met with considerable resistance. Almost six months later, a battered and beaten Travis arrived in Buttonville, home to his friends The Randoms. Whatever had happened to Travis had taken its toll and he was lucky to be alive. After getting patched up, The Randoms asked Travis to remain with them, which he decided to do, chalking it up to an extended vacation. Although Travis still considered himself a Templar, he was far removed from the on goings in Kempsterbank.


Eventually, Travis was contacted by a new member of the Grand Council of the Knights Templar, Roddy Winters. After some encouragement from Roddy, he convinced Travis to come home and stand once more with his fellow Knights.

After a few weeks patrolling the home front, Travis signed up for the Colonial Expeditionary Force and became an elite Man-at-Arms; this group of volunteers was assigned the task scouting ahead in Wray Heights. This proved to be an especially dangerous mission since they numbered in the few and had little support from the main contingent of the Knights. After a successful stint in Gulsonside, dubbed the "Gulsonside Block Party," which involved a nearly two week struggle for control of Blesley Mall, the CEF returned to Wray Heights to fix the place up, as it had fallen into decay in their prolonged absence. Shortly thereafter, Travis was promoted to the elite rank of Paladin. After the CEF was disbanded later that year, Travis remained in Kempsterbank, although his level of activity was limited.

Eventually he was handed over the mantle of Senior Drill Instructor, given the job to train and oversee the newest recruits to the Knights Templar, a position he held for several months before resigning due to health issues. Again, Travis remained in Kempsterbank and contributed sporadically when able.


In 2012, Travis' years of service and contributions were recognized by his fellow Knights with induction into the elite Hall Of Legends.

In August of 2014, Travis set up the Knights Templar Hall Of Legends & Museum in Rolle Library, taking on the mantle of museum curator and procurer of antiquities.


  • Dr. SummerOff, a former ally of Travis and member of the KT, now a member of the group March into the sea.

Supported Policies

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Syringe.jpg No Random Revives Supporter
This User or Group supports the No Random Revive Policy by utilizing Revivification Request tools.
Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.
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