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Member of the Upper Left Corner, founder of the TULCK

ULClogo.jpg Upper Left Corner
The user knows where the action is!
Trench coat.jpg Trenchcoater
This user finds no irony in 20 shotguns and katanas.

Quotes and Stuff

  • I hate Lumber Mall they don’t even have an Upper Left Corner there, just an Upper Corner. Fucking freaks!
  • Miltown?! There is no such place in Malton.

The Trials

Trial One - The Belly of the Beast

Stay one Night in the heart of Ridleybank (20AP), spraypaint something witty and stay alive to tell the tale! TULCK.jpg

Trial Two - Drinks and Giraffe Porn

Take a drink in the Younghusband Arms (53,82), order another one and then talk with some of the patrons on the bar, but you have to talk about… hmm giraffe porn, yeah giraffe porn. YoungHusbandArms.gif

and the thread in brainstock

Trial Three - To the Ends of the World

Go to the "Cinema at the End of the Universe" and watch the entire movie without popcorn and only with two drinks (choose wisely). Don’t forget a generator and some fuel. After that; travel to the terminus of Malton and buy a ticket for the 10 o’clock train to Timbuktoo and a pack of RedApple™ cigarettes.


You are inside Troubridge Cinema, a recent comedy film playing on its main screen. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


RedApple™ cigarettes and tickets - check ...but waiting in a line with four hungry hungry zombies is no cakewalk let me tell you.

Trial Four - The Test of Spirit

Search in the St Danilo's Church for a blessed kryptonite cross and take it. Afterwards visit the sacred Keane Museum and look for the holy relic; “the Skull of Keane” take it to Keane Boulevard Police Department and put it on the holy shrine and the fourth trial will be complete.


SUCCESS! Behold the blessed kryptonite cross!


Me finding the priceless picture "The Skull of Keane" by the artist Queep...


... and here I'm returning "The Skull of Keane" to the Shrine at Keane Boulevard Police.


Visit all the sacred places of the Upper Left Corner to honour the legendary Great King Keane

Seeyou.gif Upper Left Corner Shrine
This location is a sacred place for the Upper Left Corner

The Rest

KurtCobain.jpg Rape Me
What??? It's the title of a song.

Raped.JPG You Gonna Get Raped
This user or group is gonna get raped.