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How I got Here:

Well...I was just passing through this fucking city, you know the scene. Wife up front, kids in the back cruisin'...the family car rolling along in the heat. We were going camping for the weekend, a nice relaxing weekend with a bunch of people who had become virtual strangers to me. Liz...that was my wife's name...said I worked too much, that I was drifting away, getting lost in my job. I was in insurance, at least that's what I told her. The firm had set things up nicely for me, real neat like, no loose ends. I had all the paper work, the retirement fund, the dental plan, the bank accounts and college funds. They even had company picnics every third month just so the families never suspected anything. I worked with twelve other guys, our crew was tight and we didn't ask any questions when orders came down. None of our families would have believed what we did, not in a million years. Hell, I even fucked up once...maybe there was even some part of me that wanted to be caught...wanted my wife to know what I did so she wouldn't leave like so many other agent's wives did. I left a plane ticket on the kitchen counter right out in the open like that. wife picked them up and put 'em in my breifcase with a note that I should be more careful with my papers. She even doodled a damn smiley face next to it. Now answer me this....what insurance agent goes to the Sudan on buisiness? No...they never would have guessed that their mild mannered father and husband went by a different name at the office. A name that was only whispered in secret meetings and back alley tip offs. Trigger Slip....yeah that was me. That was the real me....the one that pulled the steel when the order came down the pipe.

I pulled into a gas station around noon somewhere in Stanbury Village to fill the tank and get a little breather. I told the girls that they could go around behind the station and play, they had seen some people swimming in the pond back there and wanted to cool off so away they went. My wife walked around to find the bathroom while I went in to see the store clerk. The place was destroyed....from the outside it looked like any other store but hidden inside was a scene straight from hell. Blood was everywhere, racks turned over the place looted and gutted. I was back at the car within seconds on my back getting my pistol out from the saftey holster I kept it stored in under the car. It all hapened so fast from there. I heard a scream and then silence... Before I could get to the girls I saw my wife stumble from the side of the station covered in blood, grsping at here throat and spitting wet coughs at me as she stumbled out into the parking lot. That's when I saw them....the dead. They weren't far behind and took her to the ground long before I even halved the distance. She was gone...burried under a pile of seething arms and nashing teeth...a mess. Painfully I pulled away and ran towards Hailey and Kristen...but I was too late. The people they saw "swimming" in the pond were already dead. The best I can figure is that they caught wind of the girls while they were stripping down to their bathing suits and most likely took them under the water before either of them could make a sound.

I've seen Kristen since then...she caught up to me in Roachtown. I even let my guard down...I pulled her into my arms and embraced my cold...wet little girl. That's when she sunk her teeth into my shoulder and infected me. I woke up in a lab somewhere on the west side of Brooke Hills staring at a group of pasty science geeks. They told me a guy named ChopperReid had seen me go down and called them in for a revive. Christ what's happened.... So now I'm stuck in this fucking city, quarunteed by good old Uncle Sam. I told Chopper what had happened and concidering he saved my tail I told him what I really did for a living. It turned out that he was the head of a group called the Reavers, an elite extermination squad that is the muscle behind the Sun Orginization, a group dedicated to stopping the evil plague in Malton. He laid an offer out on the table for me, an invite into the inner circle of the Reavers, here in Brooke Hills. Well, life has a funny way of leading you to your calling, and as much as I've fought it, death seems to be my calling. So now I fight with the Reavers, trying to bring a little hope to this cluster fuck and maybe one day I'll find a way out of this mess. Oh well, off to the next mission.

The Sun Organization


These were the guys that found me dead and rotting in the south of Brooke Hills....and these were the ones that showed me my purpose in this mess. I fought with them for a long time and as The Sun grew I was given the chance to lead my own team down in Grigg Heights. I guess I had tagged my share of bodies and they wanted to take the fight onthe road. The goal is to have four seperate Sun groups throughout Malton, each reporting back to DannGunn . The Grigg's Division is just starting but in time we will be cleansing away another section of Malton for the survivors.

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