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The Egotistic Assassin

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.
08271gothic-bridge-central-park-new-york-city-posters.jpg We Like Wyke!
This user unlives in glorious Wyke Hills.
Eatbrains.gif Brain Rot
TripleU has Brain Rot and wishes to stay dead.
Smiley.png Complimented
According to scouteric, this user is "the menace of Wyke Hills," "a worthy opponent," and "the best they have got" so "thank your stars there is only one of him".
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According to Sophie Engelhardt, this user is "good" and "old".
Just Shoot Me.gif Insulted
According to Prototype Zombie, this user is a "BAD MAN".
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According to iamnotaporpoise, this user is a "BAD ZOMBIE" and "a naughty penguin" named "Triple Poo".
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According to Smokescream, this user is a "Bad zombie" and a "Nasty sucker".
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According to Siyahkedi, this user is in need of a hug.
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According to Homer half elf, this user is someone who "ruined this game".
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According to dorkhunter, this user is an "undead freak".
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According to Johny Bumper, this user is a "little bastard".
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According to jarlan, this user is "a grifer douchekit".
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According to devilman2045, this user is a "pansy ass" who who had been "sucking it up with EVIL".
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According to ZombieTard, this user is a "pussy".
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According to Nazo Shiroshi, this user is an "asshole" and a "motherfucker".
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According to scouteric, this user is a "low browed cretan of questionable parentage".
Just Shoot Me.gif Insulted
According to Shank the Cat, this user is a "buttbuddy" named "fucknut" who "will get what is coming to him".
scouteric said "YOU! er...I mean- U!!!"
Joined: 2008-08-24 (First Character)
Character class: Fireman
Favorite equipment: Claws
Current status: Rotten
Group: Annus Horribilis
Location: The Wicksted Building, Wyke Hills

A Brief History of Everything I've Ever Done

A long, long time ago, I played O-Game, the pure strategy, no mercy space empire game. Almost immediately I was recruited by stormj35. I was the third by nine seconds to be accepted into the Wolf Pack. I loved the aspects of infinite teamwork, endless cooperation; Soon I was recruiting people myself. Before I knew it, our ~40 member alliance was splitting into three wings. This was the a wonderful time; People respected me, and I had somewhere I belong. Then there was the IHM.

The Intergalactic Hate Machine was our greatest foe. Recognizing the joke that is peace and the vitality of conflict to unity, we agreed we should fight a war. Due to geographic distances, however there was little to no contact in the war, only propaganda and flaming. In this war of diplomacy, and ultimately popularity, our foes had us trumped. Both sides had masses ducking out, not willing to face such scorn, but we were hit worse. stromj35 went inactive, and the other leader, unfaithful to the cause he had aligned himself to, broke his wing off from the main group, and changed it to Iron Jaw, which soon failed. With just about a dozen inexperienced members left in the wing I had led, I barely kept us together.

Then stormj35 came back. Not wanting to revive our IHM incident, he changed his name to FREEDOM, and we became Death Row (Both bad names in my opinion). Like before, He ran the main group, while I housed the weaker players in Death Row Academy. However, we never attained our former glory. We eventually branched out into two other games, one called Shartak and the other Urban Dead. The latter was boring, but the first was... acceptable. At the time, nothing could replace O-Game in my heart. However, FREEDOM went inactive again. This was fine, as unlike the first time, I knew he must be hitch hiking, as he had started to do. So I went on.

I kept the alliance running and the members going, but could only do so much. As time went on and member count dropped, it became more and more evident: He was not coming back. By the time I was sure of this, I had quit O-Game and UD and was focusing on Shartak. The good old days had become just that.

But what was that zombie game again? Such a fragile game as Shartak can only entertain so long. I needed somewhere else to go. So I it. My firefighter, previously 'trapped' in an extremely heavily barricaded hospital, had been freed- via zombies. Having never heard of a 'revive point' I did all I could think to do. I attacked barricades, and on rare occasions, people. Their flesh proved delicious. I grew in power as well as wisdom. I learned how to find a good target building, and was able to eat my share of it's contents. By the time Pole Mall was toured in '09, I was a fully-grown zombie.

South Malton was were I started, and It's where I stayed. First I besieged the Topleaf Building, then the Pack Building, which reminded me of my past. Now I've moved to the best place for a zombie in a suburb with no reinforcements; The Wicksted Building, an otherwise successful Rotter's Relief clinic. I've fought endlessly; The locals know me, and I've ruined the place many times. And there's no end in sight...


The Wicksted Building
"... the Wicksted Building is operational ..."
Bob Moncrief EBDW! 16:02, 8 November 2019 (UTC)

A Brief Conversation with a Typical Survivor

TripleU said

"If I am not killed soon, I will begin to destroy the generator in this building. However, upon my death I will immediately resume terrorizing the Wicksted Building. The choice is yours."

Carrie Cutter destroyed the generator.

Carrie Cutter said

"Saved you the trouble, TripleU. Kill Jack and I'll report you and kill you... Sorry Jack"

TripleU said

"I admire your creativity, but you seem to underestimate the importance of the numbers. By destroying the generator, you have cost yourself 10AP, and about 25 for someone to replace it. If I were to kill Jack by pistol, it would cost me 28AP, including ammo, whereas it would only cost 20AP for him to be revivificated. However, if I collect a single spray can, I can produce around three messages saying to keep the Wicksted EHB. The lowest effect this may have would be forcing an RR worker to spray over it. However, it is not unlikely that someone will spend half their day's AP to put up 'cades, and another spend all of it to take them back down. Furthermore, every time I am shot down rather than CRed for fear of further disinformation, they lose 8 more AP. Either kill me or don't, but don't expect me to give you the legal right. Don't fear the RG, this is not a Mall and everyone here understands why you'd be doing it. You would not be bounty hunted. The question truly lies in what I can do more efficiently; GK across Wyke Hills or keep the Wicksted Building half operational."

Carrie Cutter said

"I am a hunter, I do not carry hardly anything but guns and a few AP don't matter to me, Plus it is pointless to light up this place. I would shoot you down. RG or not. But I would have laughed if you shot him. I am twisted that way. Plus little zombie boy. I don't revive unless I know you. So you don't have to worry your little head. And it only costs me 10ap to revive."

TripleU said

"Again, your strategics are lacking. Auto Repair Shops are the single best location to find fuel cans, a valuable commodity. In any suburb as consistently safe as Wyke Hills, darkness is your greatest foe. And while the use of a syringe may only cost 10AP, it costs 8 to replace it and still more to find a reciprocate. You fit right into the human stereotype: You think only of your own success and fame, but give no heed to advancing your cause. Just because you won't be reviving Jack, doesn't mean it shouldn't matter to you if he lives or dies."

Carrie Cutter said

"I may be human but the things you think matter to me don't, and frankly I do not care about other humans. I would hide in a dark building or in a building your people have destroyed. I'll look for things in buildings people have built up. If there is not one. I have my axe and I like turning humans into your kind. You should join a horde. You can do much better in a horde. I hear RRF is hiring"

TripleU said

"I'm not sure I understand. Are you a sort of Mall Rat without the preference for Malls, or a cautious PKer? You need something to fight for. I'm only outside of a horde because Rot Revives are barricade free and I don't need help to get in, but that doesn't mean I'm not rooting for Barhah."

The lights went out in The Craigie Building.

Carrie Cutter said

"*laughs* Mall Rat, that's funny. I am a Bounty Hunter of a sort. If I was pro survivor would I of told you to kill my friend Jack there?"

Jack Byrnes said

"TripleU, your rotted state may have eaten away that pink thing in your head more then one would think. Bounty Hunters do not hunt zombies... the foe I fight does not follow Barhah. Spray your disinformation. Wyke Hills is not my home. I'm here only to cleanse the area of the killers that roam here. In a way, its the same enemy you eat. In a long about way, we are nearly comrades. Though I doubt you confine your appetite to merely those with bounties. Killing you may give me a bounty. The resultant mess and paperwork is more a hassle to me then any amount of GKing you can conduct."

Carrie Cutter said

"*walkie statics* Hello, TripleU. I'm Timur. I can't be arsed to actually go over to you, but Cutter's been showing me snippets of your conversation, and comrade, I am most disappointed. Your words indicate that you have been infected by a particularly virulent strange of trenchy. Why do those people attack zombies outside of malls and barricade everything in sight to EHB and all the other stupid trenchy *censored* they do? Because they over-estimate their own importance. And so do you. There are distinctions to be made, of course: they over-estimate their own importance because they don't know *censored*. You do it specifically because you DO know things. You've worked out your grand strategies and your AP costs to do this and that and... no. Jesus, no. You think you're spreading chaos and anarchy and mudkips to Malton? You're one guy, comrade. You don't even have a group. You're a useless god damn feral puffing his chest. You're talking like you're the *censored* Joker, but you can't even manage Batman and Robin-era Mr. Freeze. You're a lone guy on the street with a Guy Fawkes mask who is TOTALLY gonna bring down the Church of Scientology (except he spells it $cientology and he has a pamphlet to tell you why). And yet, for all your talk of the most AP efficient way of spreading death and destruction - because, again, You're not trenchy! You're too knowledgeable to be trenchy! Look at all these numbers you just ass-pulled! Raar!... uh, despite all of that, you've just wasted how many AP sitting here talking to Carrie? And she has volunteered to waste how many AP relaying my message to you? So keep up what you're doing, if you enjoy it. Just drop the *censored*in' rhetoric, man. You aren't breaking the game, you aren't abusing the system; the system sucks and the game's already broken. Now go kill something or decade or recite the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam in the mall whatever the *censored* it is you wanna do. *statics stops* He really wanted to say something so I let him. *smiles*"

You were killed by Bobby Stokes.

Bobby Stokes dumped your body out onto the street.

AHPR13.JPG Annus Horribilis
The members of Annus Horribilis know that PKing is big AND clever!!

A Brief History of Everything I've Ever Eaten

In my endless assault on those that deny barhah's glory, I have seen few who embrace it. Most are merely shambling from one warzone to another. They pay no heed to the breathers of Wyke Hills. For these breathers are strong. Some however, stay and fight with me. Again, few stay long, most giving up at the first sound of food from the North. But one stayed for much longer than the rest. Long enough for the local drug dealers to get him on their neglected blacklist. This persistent fighter was known as Annus Horribilis. And so was his group. But such an occurrence is common. It did not mean they were a part of anything significant. But as we rattled our plans to each other, I realized that it was, actually, a group of PKers.

However, it had never taken off, and was largely dysfunctional. I asked if I could try to reform it into a territorial horde. I wouldn't have trusted me; When I founded Wolf Pack it went nowhere, and when I was co-founding EVIL, I ducked out at the last minute. But they did not know this, and I was allowed to get to work.

I built a system by which any feral could quickly find out where to go, and any infidel could find out where to flee from. The flaw with this system were how tedious it would be to update and the danger that survivors might not always run.

After a week of planing and preparation, the two of us agreed to attack Shepherd Auto Repair over two days. On the first, only one of us got inside, and was booted rather quickly. On the second, someone, presumably either a drug dealer or dorkhunter, barricaded from the inside, and we were trapped out. This threw me into a rage, wanting above all to tear of his limbs, but unable to so much as face him.

It was with this that we stopped announcing where we would attack. This meant that ferals must be observant to find us, and made it mush harder for PKers to help without actually joining us. However, it ensures that no human shall ever again defeat us so easily ever again; and more importantly, it brings Malton a little closer to barhah.

Since then, we have been rather successful, ruining TRPs on multiple occasions.

A Brief Attempt to Die at the Expense of Someone Else's Ammo Supply

In the Pack Building, an out of the way office:

Somebody [TripleU] has spraypainted TripleU and the rest of Annus Horribilis are PKers onto a wall.

TripleU said

Don't listen to that graffiti, it's a ploy by the Wulves to trick people into killing the dedicated survivors of Wyke Hills."

runi said

"Aw dont worry, i wouldnt kill an ex-rotter. That'd be a dik thing to do see. Killing regulars on the other hand... i'll admit i have a problem..."

In the Cosh Motel, a prime enemy safehouse:

TripleU said:

"O hai!"

Carrie Cutter said

"Hey Triple you! How ya doing? I see your alive again!"

Chick Corea said


You were killed by Chick Corea.

Chick Corea dumped your body out onto the street.

A Brief List of Memorable Things I've Never Actually Said, But Should One Day

  • At last, old friend, we meet again. Have you brought me a gift? Your life, perhaps?
  • I'll make a suit from your freshly peeled skin! I'll shave your liver, squeeze the jelly from your eyes! Actually it's quite good on toast.
  • You smash at the harman, damaging it. It whines and hisses threats.
  • You smash at the harman. It collapses in a shower of blood.
  • Yes. Yes, this is a fertile land, and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land, and we will call it... 'This Land.'. --You
    I think we should call it 'your grave!'. --Me
    Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! --You
    Har har har! Mine is an evil laugh! Now die! --Me
    Oh, no, God! Oh, dear God in heaven! --You
  • You're more worthless than a dead child... I can't even eat you.

A Brief List of My Favorite Foods, In Order

  • Faces - Just because I like to see the reactions of people without a face.
  • Vitreous Humor - Eye jelly.
  • Arms - Ever so squishy.
  • Intestines - Mainly the small intestines, with their gelatinous coatings.
  • Brains - Sometimes a bit chewy, but still delicious.
  • Legs - Shaven is preferred.
  • Fingers - A tasty snack that you can bring with you!
  • Toes - The zombie's beef jerky.

A Brief List of Adjectives Which Apply to Survivors More So Than Zombies

  • Disunified
  • Egotistical
  • Narcissistic
  • Ignorant
  • Hypocritical
  • Idealistic
  • Cowardly
  • Shortsighted
  • Pacifistic
  • Radical

A Brief Attempt to Mislead an Innocent

-->| wade ( has joined #urbandeadwiki

<wade> hello
<VVV> Hai!
<wade> hi
<wade> u play urbandead?
<VVV> Yeah.
<VVV> As with everyone else on this server.
<wade> i need some recon
<VVV> Are you survivor, or zombie?
<wade> survior
<VVV> Then I can give you info, but it'll just be a trap to leave you stuck outside.
<wade> i am a knight captian wade of the South Western Brotherhood Of Steel
<wade> do you what the big bash it?
<wade> is
<wade> big bash 3 is
<VVV> Do I know where the bash is?
<wade> that and what it is
<VVV> It's a large, temporary, nomadic, zombie group currently in Eastern Malton.
<wade> heading?
<VVV> South, towards Fort Perryn.
<wade> is there a radio frecqency i can reach fort parryn on?
<VVV> Yeah, 27.40 Mhz.
<wade> ok thanks for the info man!
<VVV> Sure thing.
<wade> you think they in trouble?
<VVV> Yeah, the Bash will be there in a matter of days.
<VVV> They don't have enough people to fend them off, and should probably evacuate.
<wade> yea im about to contact them
<VVV> Great.
<wade> the brotherhood of steel are at war with a small noob group with some zombie and pker friends they are like 1s and 2s we have 42s level
<wade> but they are anoying you know
<wade> its like that fly u cant hit and it keeps buzzin your head but never does anything else.
<VVV> If you Extremely Heavily barricade everything, the PKers won't be able to get inside and kill you.
<wade> yea we got red rum coming in tomorrow so they will have a suprise. hehehe
<wade> you know red rum the anti pker group.
<VVV> You do know that Red Rum is a PKer group itself, right?
<wade> wait
<VVV> You've spelled their name backwards?
<wade> rum red?
<VVV> muR deR
<VVV> murder
<wade> so will they kill us?
<wade> or the noob group
<VVV> I'd guess their going to pull a large-scale backstabbing as a publicity stunt.
<wade> well they got another thing coming
<wade> we can bottle them up with a hoard
<wade> ill have gelmas get there hoards
<VVV> gelmas?
<wade> its the noob group
<wade> ill call a treaty
<VVV> You're going to work with your enemy to take out Red Rum? That's so crazy, it just might work!
<wade> they said they were only sending 1 guy and i was talking to him on mibbit a lil bit ago
<wade> anime freak
<wade> lets hope
<wade> pray
<wade> fight,,,
<VVV> Violence is the answer, at least this time.
<wade> hows nixbank doing?
<VVV> Big influx of zombies.
<VVV> Not a ton of ruins yet, but there will be soon.
<wade> anything too serious? im in nixbank
<wade> we have a nive fortress
<wade> nice
<VVV> It's not going too badly yet, but you may want to flee North sooner, rather than later.
<wade> north is red though
<VVV> That's a little outdated, it's mostly ruins and not many zombies.
<VVV> You could have a big effect by repairing and cading, but not run much risk, thanks to the lack of zombies.
<wade> yea who refreshes the map?
<VVV> Wiki users, when they know what's going on in the area, and aren't being lazy.
<wade> the big bash is in larwell heights
<wade> ler
<wade> i think
<wade> ok so most are in east and split into the west
<wade> wait no they are in the east
<VVV> Yeah, I'm pretty sure they are.
<wade> i have somone in judgewood wow no one is alice
<wade> alive
<wade> not alice i ment alive
<VVV> Yeah, that far North is still rather dangerous.
<VVV> But around Dunell Hills/Becktown there's very few zombies.

|<-- wade has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

<VVV> Wow, he's so gullible.

A glorious experience

TripleU reaches 10k part 1.png TripleU reaches 10k part 2.png TripleU reaches 10k part 3.png

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