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Drsteellogo.gif Dr. Steel
This user supports Dr. Steel for World Emperor.
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Sebastian Foucan - 923895

About Dr. Steel

Doctor Steel is the man we all want to know. He's the man who doesn't require us to work. He's the man building the Utopian Playground, for all to enjoy.

Doctor Steel's Toy Soldiers are the men and women helping him to achieve his goals. Dr. Steel must become World Emperor because from there he can create the Utopian Playground we all dream of. The ideal world; where every man is only his own boss. It's like Communism, but actually stable once you take it off the page.


About the User

My real name is Tristan Ridden, I'm sixteen, I'm a man (hooray!) and I live in Wollongong (NSW, Australia).

Urban Dead

My name on Urban Dead is Sebastian Foucan. Please note that I am a Noob.

Other Sites

More to come!

No, seriously, there is.

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