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User: Jim Coltin Password: ******



Primary data on "Bioproject"

Password? ******



Project name: Bioproject

Subject: Paul Collins *Deceased*

Primary Function: Study the reanimation process of -RESTRICTED- works and to see if bio-engineering the subjects would work.

Procedure: Right arm rebuilt using stainless steel bones and remounting of muscular tissues.

Data log: June 2, 1991, 13:00

Found a body, I'll have to report this to...*Static*...said it would be perfect for a program to reanimate bodies and rebuild bo...*Static*...decided to call it the "bioproject", were he though up that name, I'll never know...*Static*

Data log: July 13, 1992, 10:47

I tested it's reflexes and they were remarkable! It has almost 3x a human's reaction time! Amazing, I'll have to tell...*Static*...about this! He'll be shocked!

Data log: May 23, 1999, 01:25

Muscular reattachment almost complete. I had my doubts about this procedure but it WORKED! I can'...*Cuts Out*

Data log: May 23, 1999, 01:27

...Had a small power outage. Most scientists fear that it might have short-circuted the Bioproject's circutry, byutn they're all fools. My wiring is FLAWLESS!

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