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Contact the BAR here, folks, at our very own forum!: linky. Free to register, can be posted on without registering (if you prefer), and all new recruits are welcome!

Hey everybody, it's me, that random guy you've probably never heard of, tyx94. Been playing the game alone for a while, but I figured it's about time I get down to some real hardcore drinking. And who better to do it with than the The Burchell Arms Regulars? So now I've joined up with this bunch of drunks, and I plan on stumbling drunkenly around Rolt Heights, killing zombies, getting revives, getting slaughtered by zeds, and drinking some beer. Not necesarily in that order. Am I an expert on Malton survival? Do I hold the key to defeating the plaque that continues to run rampant? Hell no, but maybe you'll get a kick out of reading this anyway. I plan to keep a small journal of my observations and the exploits of the BAR as we attempt to survive in this hellhole. Follow if you'd like. (I wouldn't, this tyx guy sounds like a real douche.)


HangEmHigh.png Hang 'Em High – Northeast Marshal
When it comes to bounty hunting, Tyx94 has proven to be one of the best. Through expert skill, steadfast determination, and some luck Tyx94 executed 8 criminals, assisted in executing 0 more criminals, and supplied recon that led to the execution of 4 criminals. Justice is swift, and its name is Tyx94.
  • HEH 2010 was cut short by a zombie attack; stats are not representative of a full competition.

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Tyx94 supports the BAR, often literally.


Burchell Arms Regulars
Tyx94 executed the 400th scumbag off the BAR's famous Deadbeat list! Kill away, Ty!

Also, my alt, member of the Wulves: Wes Rendar

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The War Journal of Some Drunken Guy


Sunday, February 13th- Hmm, what's happened so far in the new year? We fought off a group of persistent zeds, I reformed the Knight Watchmen, Willy X is a good guy now, and it looks like the BCH are actually not all that bright. Interesting.


Sunday, November 28th- I recently had took a trip to Earletown to negotiate a NAP and joint-ownership of the Rayment Arms in Pescodside with Zombra's Pub. The talk went well, I enjoyed a short vacation, and I learned how to brew a new ale. Win, win, and... win.

Monday, November 8th- My gods, I am a slacker when it comes to this lately. Not that anyone reads this page anyway, of course, but I'm disappointed in myself now... The BAR has been fighting tooth and nail to reclaim the NE. We started in Pashenton, and worked our way east. We've finally reached our homeland, the Burch, and are securing our hold on it now. Gomez apparently left some of his used undergarments laying around behind the bar, so I'm currently whipping some rookies until they clean it up.

In slightly sadder news, our longtime friends, the Earletown Rangers, have disbanded. The details are long, messy, complicated, and don't need to be gone into here. But despite the messy ending, they had quite the run, and will be forever remembered as sworn, dedicated defenders of the Northeast. I drink to you all, Rangers. You will never be forgotten. And if any of you stop by the Burch sometime, drinks are on us.


Sunday, September 26th- Operation: Beer Right Back (BRB) and Operation: Dart Board are over. The BAR has successfully went on a crusade to restore the NE corner. Many were killed, but their sacrifices were not in vain, as their killers were slaughtered and the civilians were rescued (The fallen were revived pretty quick, too.) Alongside our longtime friends and partners-in-crime, the Earletown Rangers, we reigned supreme. Gotta say, though. I'm very glad to be back home in the Burch.


Monday, August 23rd- Not much to report on. Still fighting the zeds, sure. But who wants to hear that when I can tell you about the updating I did on this wiki page! Isn't than much more interesting that real news!? You guys wanna know why I moved the templates? ...No? Oh. I see...

Thursday, August 19th- The BAR is in the middle of a struggle with a large group of zeds. With the Militant Order of Barhah near the area, I guess the sudden spike in zombie population isn't a surprise. But I'd say we're fairly close to retaking our turf.

Sunday, August 8th- Due to the sudden invasion of zeds, PKers became a rare sight in the area. But, in between fighting for my life and screaming like a little girl, I managed to track one down: Revelation22. As this was the only PKer kill during the HEH sudden death, I broke the tie with FOXHOUND's n00bert and won HEH. Thank you, Revelation22! I couldn't have done it without you!

In other news, I started a new alt. However, his courageous exploits will not be recorded here. (Tyx is a jealous sort)


Wednesday, July 28th- Well, this is it. Hang 'Em High is about to officially end. But there's a two-way tie for 1st place! We can't have a tie! So, there shall be a sudden death tiebreaker between myself and n00bert, of FOXHOUND, lasting until August 1st. It's go-time. Got my game face on, my ammo strapped on, and whiskey in my flask.

It's going to be a good day.

Tuesday, July 20th- Ughh, I think I'm still hungover from Biertag. Anyway, here it is: an update! Just what father wanted.


Friday, June 18th- I'm currently tied with n00bert for 1st place in HEH. The BAR is dominating the competition so far. (4 out of the top 5 spots!) I'd like to take this oppurtunity to remind everyone about Biertag. It's a party for beer, guys! BEER! And everyone is invited, even PKers, as long as they aren't PKing during the party. Find more info here: Biertag!

Tuesday, June 8th- Currently leading in the Hang 'Em High competition! (Though it'd be nice if n00bert, of FOXHOUND, would slow down a little...) Hell, the BAR's kicking tail in it so far. We've got three of the top five spots so far. Going good!


Thursday, June 3rd- Hang 'Em High begins! Hoorah! Found and reported two PKers already, and I've acquired a genny and fuel to light up the club. Hopefully they'll be there tomorrow and I can educate them on proper asassination protocols.

Thursday, May 27th- I just got promoted to Employee. Cool! Didn't expect it, but hey! Who's complaining? In other news, the Clewett Building's under light attack, nothing serious, the BAR has gained quite a few new members, and I've signed up for the Dulston Alliance's Hang 'Em High competition that's coming up pretty quick here. I'd encourage any NE bounty hunters to sign up and kill some PKers. Should be fun!

Sunday, May 23rd- Things are going good around the Burch right now. We've been helping some neighbors out (while sampling their finest homebrews), and the zeds around here have been behaving themselves, for the most part. Not much to complain about right now.

Monday, May 17th- I need to update more often... Well, the TDT got back from an excursion to Ridleybank. Drank some beer, took back some buildings, pissed off some zeds... all in a day's work for us. we spent a week and a half there, took only 1 casualty. not bad, I'd say. Our buddies the Earletown Rangers were awesome enough to join us, so we made a party out of it. But it's good to be back home.

Saturday, May 1st- The TDT's got balls, folks. Never believe anything else you hear. Right now, a small group of us is undertaking an extremely dangerous mission, mostly for fun and to piss the zeds off. For obvious reasons, I can't let on to what we're doing, but rest assured, the zeds are going to hate us by the time we're done.


Sunday, April 25th- As of right now, the Rolt Heights/Pescodside border is in good shape. We've got some zergs running around, and a few zeds trying to break in, but neither of these are proving to be a serious problem. As more people begin using our forums, and some retired members have started returning to activity, the BAR is beginning to look as strong as it used to be.

Monday, April 19th- The TDT has returned victorious! Luckily, our fellow BARmates kept the Burch running well in our absence, and there's plenty of cold beer on tap for us to reinvigorate with. Nothing says home like a couple new zombie scalps, a cold beer, and a bunch of buddies to BS with...

Sunday, April 18th- The battle for the Hall Building has been won by the survivors. The TDT did their part, notably in keeping revive points moving quickly. It was great to see our old friends, the Beavers, and the citizens of Santlerville, but now it's time for the TDT to return home. Rolt Heights is a-callin'...

Wednesday, April 14th- Been a while since I've updated... Well, the TDT fought valiantly to protect Treweeke Mall. We were quite effective, but those zeds were persistent. We retook the mall three times, but we got almost no help from the citizens of Dulston, apart from a few brave individuals. It's not the BAR's duty to keep fighting for the mall, and we have other duties to take care of as well. We evicted the zeds once more, and departed back home. It's up to Dulston to keep that mall safe.

We expected to kick back at the Burch for a little while, sipping (err, chugging) beer and telling war stories. However, news reached our ears! In the home of our old friends, The Dribbling Beavers, a fight for The Hall Building was breaking out! There were pulseless zeds, brave survivors, and it was rumored that some scotch had been airdropped in! Obviously, the only think the TDT likes better than a good fight is free booze. So we've marched to Santlerville, ready to fight alongside our old allies in the fields of valor once more.

Wednesday, April 7th- The TDT retook Treweeke mall, only for those dastardly zeds to take it back from us in less than a day. However, they seem determined to hold onto the mall, and have yet to actually attack anything else, other than buildings next to it. Never fear, however. The TDT has rallied, and along with our buddies, the Earletown Rangers, is currently retaking the mall. The zeds inside are being pushed out as I speak.

A word about our friends from Earletown. It's a small group, but extremely well-coordinated, and they know what they're doing. Those guys mean some nasty, nasty business. Honestly, I can't praise them enough. And right now, they're actively recruiting! If you're interested, head over the joint RHVP/Earletown Rangers forum, right on their wiki page.


Saturday- Today, we learned those zeds in Dulston mean buisiness. They've pretty much taken out Treweeke Mall. Some of the TDT was at the scene, but there was little we could but heal the survivors and recade. Looks like we've got a vicious cockfight on our hands now...

Wednesday- Sooooo, seems like my Streltsy buddies are gone. Too bad. Couple of stragglers are hanging around, but they're not really much fun. Or good at what they do. Never fear, however! A group of zeds decided to challenge the BAR and attack our little part of Malton. At first, it was fun. A good challenge keeps you at your best, you know. But then... they touched my spatula. NOW it's personal. Members of the BAR have spotted The Dead tags on a few zeds. As stated by noted Necrotech scientist, Caleb Usher, we believe this is not the original The Dead, but rather, their wannabe fans, these guys. Maybe they'll put up a good fight. Who knows?

Friday- Haven't been here for a while. Oh man, you guys have gotta hear about the Streltsy! They've been... underwhelming. One kill today, first in quite a while. Some Streltsies were seen in Havercroft recently... Does this mean they don't want our beer anymore?

Saturday- Man, I haven't even seen any Streltsies stopping by the Burch for the last couple of days. I'm starting to get lonely without them. I wonder why they don't visit me anymore... Maybe it's my lack of showering for the last... year? Or maybe they just got smart, and realized that 5 uncoordinated people will never beat 20 well-coordinated people. Either way, I'll miss 'em. I'll see you again someday, guys! Promise!

Wednesday- The Streltsy continues to mount small, one-man attacks on the BAR, killing about one person per attack. Doesn't seem like they're doing too well, huh? Yeah, that's what I thought too. At any rate, I fully expect them to get bored in a week and crawl back into whatever maggot-infested slimehole they climbed out of in the first place.

Monday- I grow the cajones to start my own user page. YAY CAJONES! In the meantime, the BAR looks like the place I want to be. Bunch of fun guys, very welcoming of newcomers, and they've all got a spare beer that they're willing to share. (Sharing makes the world go round, you know.) I'd definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking for a fun group to join up with. The BAR has recently declared war on the Streltsy. They're a small group of d-bags. Ehh, not really a big threat, but annoying enough to snuff out. At least they aren't constantly spamming the boards...


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