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LOL U IZ A N00B!!!1!


Malton, Southeast England- Largest one, 325 suburbs.

Dasikovgrad, Southwest Russia- Medium but barren, 150 suburbs.

Ossadesh, Northwest India- Smaller, 75 suburbs.

Kundai, Saudi Arabia- Smallest one, 60 suburbs.

St. Aquavis, Florida- Large, 250 suburbs.

Franklin, Kansas- Medium, 100 suburbs.

Kentai, Japan- Medium, 150 suburbs.

Zhou, China- Large, 220 suburbs.

Ear Plugs v2.0 Timestamp: 22:09, 1 June 2006 (BST) Type: Item Scope: Survivors Description: Earplugs are a new item. A survivor has a 5% chance of finding earplugs in a library or a 10% chance in a mall drugstore. To activate the user clicks on the earplugs button (labeled "wear earplugs"). When the activated earplug item is in your inventory, you do not hear any radio chatter. Further, you don't hear speaks, zombie grunts, death rattle or any other audio communication. You can still see mobile phone text messages and spray paint tags

Timestamp: Lord of the Pies 16:34, 5 December 2006 (UTC) Type: Flavour Scope: People, Clubs, People in Clubs Description: Survivors should be able to change the music in Clubs. A minor flavour addition, it would work like the 'Cinema Management' suggestion (in Peer Reviewed); a Survivor would be able to spend 1AP changing the music by selecting an option from a drop-down menu of five or six types of music you would expect to hear in clubs (i.e. no folk music). The description would change from the current one of Coloured spotlights highlight an empty stage, and distorted music echoes over the speakers to Coloured spotlights highlight an empty stage, and distorted [music type] music echoes over the speakers. Of course, this would only work in powered Clubs and if the Generator is destroyed then the message reverts to the original one until someone changes the music again. Yonder pubbes would also be able to play music if powered in much the same way: the current description is You are standing in an abandoned pub but if it's powered and a survivor has chosen a music type (of appropriate types, e.g. folk, jazz, classic rock, 60s, 70s, 80s) the description would change to You are standing in an abandoned pub, [music type] music echoing from a dented jukebox. If the Generator is destroyed or unpowered the description reverts back to the ordinary one until the music is changed again.

Notes: 17/20 Keep/Total. Well accepted as is, although additional music types were suggested: heavy metal, darkwave, EBM, techno, that sort of thing.

PK these people

The Empire

The Empire
Abbreviation: The E
Group Numbers: Growing
Leadership: BoboTalkClown
Goals: Establish total control of a slice of Malton. See Goals for a better overreview
Recruitment Policy: As long as you are willing to work for our goals, Zombie, or survivor, PKer or medic, you are welcome.


Short-Term Goal To gather members.

Medium-Term Goal To claim several buildings as our domain. (North-East Yagoton?)

Long-Term Goal To take total control of a suburb. (Yagoton sound good?)

Ultimite Goal Conquer all of Malton. Or at least several suburbs.

Current Missions

  • Join- Sign up below!


As a member...


Imperial Soldier Your job is to keep the Empire's streets clear of zombies. Don't attack zombies outside our terratory, unless you really have to. Also, if there is a building under attack, go there first, and clear it.

Imperial Police Your job is to keep PKing, GKing, BKing, overbarricading, zombie spying, and other forms of greifing at a minimum.

Imperial Defense Employee Your job is to keep barricades up to optimium levels.

Imperial Medical Officer Your job is to heal anyone who enters our terratoy whom is wounded. However, don't treat criminals, and treat our troops first!

Imperial Revivification Official Your job is to mantain revive points and revive the dead, but only upon request.

Imperial Infrastructure Worker Your job is to keep the buildings powered, and containing a radio transmitter, and as many peices of art as you can stuff in there.

Imperial Propagandist Your job is to talk about the empire on the radio, spraypaint propaganda outside our territory, and spraypaint helpful notes inside our terretory.

Imperial Cadaver As a zombie loyal to the Empire, your mission is to attack buildings near to, but not loyal to, the Empire. This will leave them ripe for conquest. Feel free to get a revive whenever you want.

Imperial Citizen If you just want to use the Empire as a safehouse, go right ahead! We are wiling to accomidate you. Just follow our laws, put a loyalty note in your discription, and don't step out of line.

Required statuses of buildings

Name- Policy.- Importance

Cathedral- Imperial People's Palace, All corners to EHB.- B level

Mall- All corners to EHB, but keep south-west corner down to VSB to let newbies in.- A level

Mansion- Imperial People's Palace, All corners to EHB.- B level

Power Station- All corners to EHB, in case they become important.- B level

Stadium- Gladiatorial Arena, All corners to VSB, PKing allowed in north-east corner.- B level

Fort- Keep manned.- A level

Armoury- Keep to VSB, EHB if gatehouse breached.- A level

Barracks- Keep to EHB.- D level

Exercise Yard- Keep Zombie-Free.- E level

Gatehouse- Keep at VSB, check often.- A level

Infirmary - B level

Storehouse - C level

Training Ground - E level

Vehicle Depot - B level


the Lion Enclosure- - Z level

the Bear Pit- - Z level

the Elephant House- - Z level

the Giraffe House- - Z level

the Reptile House- - Z level

the Aquarium- - Z level

City Zoo- - F level

Arms- - E level

Auto Repair Shop- - E level

Bank- - E level

Building- - E level

Church- - E level

Cinema- - E level

Club- - E level

Factory- - E level

Fire Station- - E level

Hospital- - B level

Hotel- - E level

Junkyard- - E level

Library- - E level

Museum- - E level

NecroTech Building- See Revive Policy.- A level

Police Department- - E level

Railway Station- - E level

School- - E level

Tower- - E level

Warehouse- - E level

Carpark- - E level

Cemetery- - E level

Monument- - E level

Park- - E level

Street- - E level

Wasteland- - E level

Billboard- - E level

Mobile Phone Mast- - E level

(A-Level means most important, keep zombie free at all times, B-Level means keep zombie free, if not in immediate danger, C- level means clear of zombies if there are no open missions, D-Level means keep zombie free if you feel like it, E-level means shoot zombies here first if you have to choose between E anf F, F-Level means don't shoot them, unless you need the XP, and Z-Level means no revives, and no kills, though you can attack for XP.)


Imperial Black List

Yellow Level (A-holes, known PKers, and spies found operating in out territory; kill if found, and in mood)

Orange Level (One-Time PKers in our terratory, or public enemies that haven't attacked us; kill if found)

Red Level (Greifers in our territory, Entry-level rebels; kill if found, seek if bored)

Black Level (Guys out to destroy us; seek out to kill)


Runemasteryx died from an infection. (18 hours and 32 minutes ago) ...and again.

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