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Stan Satan is watching you.

Cowworshippingmorons.jpg Steak Eaters Anonymous: The Aurellians must DIE!!
Stan Satan is taking his steak lightly killed with an axe...

Stan satan.jpg

Stan Satan
Joined: 23-09-2008
Character Details: UD Profile
Character Class: Criminal
Current Status: Murdering bastard
Level: 41+2000
Affiliation: Mayhem Attack Squad
Location: Lockettside & Tompson mall
Favorite Equipment: Newspaper
Favorite Weapon: Shotguns
Backup Weapon: More shotguns
Kills: shitloads
Deaths: Loads
Shutdowns: Whenever I can be bothered
Been Revived: hundreds of times
Revived Others: 0 times

Come get some Mayhem...

Keeping track of those I've shot in the face...

Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
Stan Satan has PKed shitloads of people.
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