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Name: Azale
Level: 43
Creation date: 2006-02-06
Affiliations: Red Rum and/or AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, whatever
Previous affiliations: Don't ask, it wouldn't make sense anyway.


His full name is Azale Riftgazer Shadowhand. He is a young male drow who was originally born in the city of Kelletirandia... which is nowhere near Malton, in fact not even in the same universe. How he wound up here is a mystery. However, considering all the strange things that can be seen around Malton, a random drow showing up through a random dimensional portal is hardly all that odd.

Azale is completely insane, and worships Rando, who was known by the name of Shazmar in his home universe. His alignment is Chaotic Neutral. He likes pie. His favorite type of booze is cherry mead, which he has yet to be able to find in Malton, much to his dismay.


Azale started life in Malton as a scout, and while he was pro-survivor for a while, he later took up being a zombie spy and spreading propaganda for some group that totally never actually existed. And didn't really do anything anyway.

He was a zombie for a while, and once broke into a building just to sing the "Mahna Mahna" song, then got shot, stood up again, and said "Mahna Mahna!" again. He considers this event to be the high point of his career.

Upon returning after a long period of absence, he spent some time spraypainting over nonsense and replacing it with different nonsense. Then, realizing that there were new skills that he hadn't gained yet, he put on a trenchcoat and katana and proceeded to shoot zombies on the streets, at least up until one of the Philosophe Knights killed him for wearing a trenchcoat and katana.

When Big Bash 4 passed near Dulston, Azale jumped out a window joined up with them, thinking that a big party sounded like fun. And then when somebody revived him, he figured that somebody just wanted him to put bullets in people, so he took up PKing and zombie spying for Big Bash 4. "That time I set Paul Leahy on fire" soon went up there on his list of achievements after the Mahna Mahna incident, after spending entirely too much time looking for flare guns and fuel.

Following the conclusion of Big Bash 4, Azale joined up with 15A. Praise Rando! His exploits following that involved a lot of pinatas, an impromptu picnic, and annoying the Abyss out of The Vick Arms.

Azale then retroactively joined Red Rum, claiming that he'd always been a member, and will argue time travel if anyone contradicts him. Then he proceeded to get drunk, kill a few people, and went idle.


Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
Azale has PKed 47 people.
PK Deaths
Azale has been Pked 10 times.
TUMBLEWEED-aikido-river'n-stuff.gif Supporter of No Tactics
I have no clue what I'm doing.
Fire is Pretty
This user thinks that fire is pretty.
TrampDM2305 468x683.jpg Vagabond
This user calls nowhere home and wanders around like a clueless idiot.
Backpacker.JPG Curse You Encumbrance!!!
This user carries around a lot of crap.
Smiley.png It's a Joke, OK?
This user supports the use of humor, even when other people don't get it.
Generatorcarry.JPG Heavy Lifters, Maybe?
This user can't figure out for the life of them how survivors are able to carry around several portable generators at once.
BB4-template.jpg Big Bash 4!
This user or group was with Big Bash 4. They're
heading home after the party.
Please have your brains ready for next time.
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