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:: Statistics::
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06:38 UTC, 9 December 2022
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::In The Works::

Currently working on the following projects in no real order:

::On The Horizon::

Projects that I will do, someday:

  • A massive re-categorization were I'll go through every page in the main name space and make sure everything is in the proper category. I'm not going to start this until I write up the Category Style Guide
  • Sysop guide

I started playing Urban Dead at some point around September 2005 after a friend showed me the game.I ran three character keeping them as far apart as possible. After playing off and on for awhile I found the wiki and lurked on it for a few months before I started working on the wiki in October 2006. Most of my early work was done on my group's page but after I started a small war with Special:Uncategorizedpages.I'm always looking for a new project so if you have an idea that could only work with thousands of edits and countless hours of tedious data entry...let me know.

If you are interested in my safe house project, Vantar's Safehouse, leave me a message either on or on the safehouse's talk page or find me in game.

On the wiki I am waging a small war with this page:Special:Uncategorizedpages.
If I've added a category to a page that you or your group maintains and you have a comment/complaint /death treat about it just leave me a message and I'll get back to you.

Location pages

Ok I know I said that I woukd not rest until the y were all done but where comes a point were one needs to stop in order to avoid making more work at that point approaches fast. I didn't finish all the location pages but I did a lot of them, 42/100 suburbs are done, the remain suburbs have are all between 5% and 80% done I would guess we are within 75% of the way done.

Request a 9-block

Since Special:Uncategorizedpages is running out of pages for me to work on I have started work on something new. There are over 1000 locations stubs on the wiki but a lot of them are only missing barricading information and detailed histories and until someone with better creative writing skill then me feels compelled to take on this challenge they will remain stubs, but the other pages are location pages with just a sentence or two and or only slightly more informative then a blank page thats where the {{blockthis}} template comes in. There are tons of times I have stumbled across one of these location blockless pagesbut have been either working on other project of lacked the time to 9 block, now by adding {{blockthis}} to the page I can come back to these pages and start blocking them properly. If you want to block some pages check out Category:Pages Needing Location Block if you find a page in need of blocking please add {{blockthis}} to it


When I started my little war with the categories there were 1700 Uncategorized pages.

  • Uncategorized pages update 1/21/07 already down to 1480 pages
  • Uncategorized pages update 1/28/07 down to 1125
  • At 04:26 on 1 February 2007 there where >1000 pages on Special:Uncategorizedpages
  • 12 hours later there where 1006 in uncategorized then in 3 hours after that there were 696
  • 2/4/07Special:Uncategorizedpages is at >600
  • 2/10/07 under 400 but on average each day 10-15 pages get categorized and 5-7 pages are created without a category.
  • 2/11/07 under 300
  • 2/12/07 under 150, getting closer
  • 2/13/07 99 pages left and almost all of the are group subpages that are in the wrong format Category:Group Subpages so in order to move forward I need to find out if not liking the format of the page name is enough ground for a move request.
  • 2/14/07 50 pages to go a few more waiting in move requests, I've been getting a lot of support from the wiki community which is awesome!
  • 2/15/07 24 remain and I'm going to need to figure out what to do about the Main page(s)
  • 2/19/17 5 Pages are left and have been for sometime heres why:
  1. Main Page- I think it should either stay as is or be included in Category:Main Page
  2. Poll/Unban Jedaz- should either be deleted or put into Category:Diplomacy. once the deletion request expires I'll request it to be placed in the right Category.
  3. [[7th Fallschirmj%E4ger Div]],[[Fant%F4me Tequila De Serpents]], and [[1]]- pages that are the result of either bug 6967 or bug 7023 so I don't think they aren't going anywhere until someone with shell access does something.
  • 3/13/07 another badly titled page was created so there are now 6 buggy pages listed
  • 4/29/07 Found places for two of the uncategorized all that are left are the 4 bug pages and the Main page
  • 9/18/07 After taking a month or two break from patrolling Special:Uncategorizedpages i come back to find 245 pages.
  • 11/11/07 Late night wiki experimenting results in [[2]] and a few other broken pages being destroyed leaving a total of 3 pages on Special:Uncategorizedpages
  • 1/2/08 Who made 40 pages without Categories? Seriously what is so hard about throwing in a category tag at the end of a page? - Vantar 23:51, 3 January 2008 (UTC)