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An archive of my userpage.

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Name: Joe
Handle: vapor
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Occupation: Intergalactic Ninja
A gamer at heart, Joe can be found most nights in front of his computer or relaxing on the couch with a controller in hand. When he's not playing Urban Dead, he may be seen playing Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, Dragon Age, StarCraft II, or any number of PS3 titles. He is also a budding wiki editor. He was introduced to Urban Dead in 2009 by a group of ARG players from Together they forged Team Malpractice, a short-lived survivor group with a goal of revitalizing Lukinswood. After nearly all members had moved on, Joe continued playing, eventually joining the group CORAM. Joe also plays a zombie character in Urban Dead which has played both feral and with groups. He has tried his hand at PKing but just hasn't got into it yet.
Group Leadership: Malpractice - Co-founder, Leader, Forum Admin
Meta: EBS twitter, Malpractice forum
Wiki: Malpractice, Lukinswood Barricade Plan, Calendar of Events Template, October Bash, Siege on Sears, Zombieball, Updater-Friendly Danger Map.
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