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October Bash2010
The Pub Crawl
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Crawl Spaces
Below is a preliminary schedule for The Pub Crawl. October Bash adopts a policy of river tactics and a bit of improvisation to ensure the safety of it's participants, therefore the loactions and times of the pubs we'll visit is subject to change.
  1. Mester Arms (Lukinswood) - September 24th
  2. ThePreston Arms (East Becktown) - September 28th
  3. The Oake Arms (Eastonwood) - September 30th
  4. The Giffard Arms (Richmond Hills) - October 2nd
  5. The Membrey Arms (Barrville) - October 4th
  6. The Carr Arms (Stanbury Village) - October 6th
  7. The Shortland Arms (Kempstersbank) - October 8th
  8. The Bainton Arms (Tapton) - October 10th
  9. The Younghusband Arms (West Grayside) - October 12th
  10. The Cresley Arms (East Grayside) - October 14th
You've got to learn to scout before you can crawl. That's why The Pub Crawl will feature a scouting party. Scouts will leave a full day ahead of the main party to make sure the next pub in line is safe. If it's not, proper measures will be taken to either repair or find a suitable pub stand-in. Once the ok is given by the scouts, the rest of the party can then crawl in. If you're interested in being a Pub Crawl scout, please contact the event planners.


Riot Meter
It's calm. Too calm.
Fight Club
What would a pub crawl be without a good old fashioned pub fight? As the group grows and the event reaches it's close, an unscripted brawl will occur. As the Riot Meter grows, so does the tension and once the meter reaches the top, the fighting can begin.
The rules are simple: only beer bottles, wine bottles, pool cues and fists allowed (these items can all be found inside the pubs). No knives or guns please. It's every man for himself in this knock-out-drag-down no holds barred riot. If at any point you feel you've had enough of the fighting or do not wish to participate, a panic room will be set up in an adjacent building. You'll be able to heal and regain AP in the panic room but once you leave the Pub Fight, you cannot re-enter it. The winner will be the last man standing. Think you have what it takes?
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