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A tall, young military nurse with long reddish brown hair and piercing light green eyes. There is a gold necklace around her neck. She holds it tight when she senses danger. So young and pretty, yet you sense she is 30 years older on the inside…


A tall, young zombie with wet reddish hair. From her nurse's cap and leather boots, you can tell she was a military nurse. Her hand clenches something… When she stares at you blankly, her bloodshot green eyes pierce your soul. So pretty, so deadly…


a white nurse's cap, a crucifix necklace, a white T-shirt, a black leather jacket, a white skirt and a pair of black leather boots



Keep the green suburbs green!!


Humorous Suggestion

Go see my so hilariously funny (ok, maybe not so much lol) suggestion! I know it's sorta late now since it's Halloween themed..but go see it anyways to get perhaps a chuckle.

Clothing Suggestion

It must be implemented...The zombie schoolgirl chicks then will rule the world! Muhahaha!


"Vezira...Where does that name come from anyway? Do you have a last name? Do you have a mommy?"

Vezira sighs, but then smiles. Little girls are always so inquisitive. She always felt awkward to talk to these strangers of Malton, but she seemed to have a weird connection to this black girl...

"Well...Where do I start...Hmm, my name is not my real name. It seems to be a Hindu name, but it actually does not exist. I made it up for a character in a story I once wrote. It reflects my exotic and adventurous side heh heh. Though I actually don't have a a very interesting life...well that is I didn't!" Vezira stops and looks at the pale floor.

"I took it up as my name because I wanted to forget my past. And no, I don't have a last name because I don't want to reflect on the past, but I also don't want to tarnish what the name stands for by getting a new one.... I left my hometown to escape my fate. Ha, I guess I got more than I bargained for, huh?"

The black girl has a confused look on her face, but Vezira doesn't notice.

"My mother?...she is dead now. The most beautiful and talented woman was my mom. She was this awesome nurse, the head of the healers..." Vezira becomes very quiet now and seems to be thinking very hard.

All of the sudden, Vezira blacks out. She awakes to find that two of the THINGS are attacking the hospital room, and some people are already dead. She quickly glances at the little black girl in her arms. Her black skin and the darkness make it hard for her to spot the girl's deep gashes, but the red blood flowing over skin is not Vezira's...

Vezira gently puts the dying girl to the side and takes out her shotgun. She lets it fire. Tears stream down her face, but the vicious fire in her green eyes makes even the zombies tremble. Savagely pumping iron into zombies that are already "dead", she screaches like a very angry hawk.

She pants heavily...Everyone and everything is dead. She looks back at the poor girl. She sees she is amazingly still alive! She rushes to her aid, but sees she can do nothing with her wounds herself with her inexperience. However, she feels there is great hope.

Vezira carries the girl outside and somewhat barricades the doors to the hospital. She takes out her radio..."Help! Help! Mayday! This is Team Leader Vezira. Please someone come...Everyone in the {censored} Hospital is dead! Except for this little girl and me, but she is going to be gone soon as well! Please someone!"

-Sizzling Sound- "...This is Lieutenant {censored}. I'm sorry to report that everyone has to move out of the suburb. There's nothing we can do. I have orders for you to leave as well...

"What?! Now just wait a sec--"

"Or... you'll have to resign. Your choice."

"Well then I resign," she whispers angrily. The generator then turns off, does the radio.


She looks at the girl, and this time she has no tears to spare. She just stares blankly, cradling her for hours on the street without a word of comfort or support. The unknown little black girl finally passes away...

She observes the carnage around her. She wonders why this has happened again...Why does her path always seem to lead her to destruction and not to help...

Vezira glances at a flyer beside her she had not noticed before. It reads, "Join The {censored} Medics!"

"Sh**.", she whispers to herself while staring at the flyer.

Mother wanted her to become a nurse.

Mother always wanted her to become a nurse...

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