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LI Ryan "Vikermac" McEwan
Motto: REVIRESCO: I grow strong again!



Malton Fire Department, NE District

Mission Statement:

"Integrity - Do the right thing, at the right

time, for the right reason,

even when no one is looking."

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Ryan "Vikermac" McEwan

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  • Yahoo: Vikermac2003
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Name: Lead Instructor Ryan "Vikermac" McEwan

Age: 22

D.O.B.: 11/22/84

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5'10"

Birthplace: Dayton, OH

Experience: A previous Red Cross volunteer in New Orleans during Katrina, and avid tornado chaser, Vikermac has worked in several crisis situations which have required quick thinking and compassion for others to get the job done.

Appearance: A lean build from years of high school sports and days volunteer fire fighting, Vikermac keeps in good shape. Now slightly scarred from several encounters with zombies, Vikermac has a look in his hazel eyes that only this much death can produce. With sandy brown hair and a slim goatee, Vikermac looks older than he should. He doesn't look like much, but when the situation calls for it, he can be a real force to be reconed with.

Current Status: Lead Instructor Dcvortex, having recently taken an extended leave of abscence, left the Darby Campus without a Lead Instructor. Due to his seniority and experience with the campus, Vikermac has been promoted to Acting Lead Instructor. Vikermac plans on moving campus once he gets the instructor situation completely settled.

Background: After graduating high school, Vikermac started his college career at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY. The summer before college began, Vikermac decided to join the local fire brigade as a volunteer firefighter. For three months he worked and fell in love with the job. During his free time at school, he regularly assisted with the Lexington Red Cross to assist in crisis situations whenever he could.

When Malton was compromised and survivors began to flee, Vikermac knew that he had to make a decision. After much deliberation, he left his college and friends behind and headed to Malton to do his part in helping out as many people as necessary. Though he isn't always satisfied with having to face rotters day after day, ultimately, it is the best decision for the most amount of people. All he wants to do is what is right.

But doing what is right isn't always easy. Being used to doing things on his own, Vikermac found his way into Malton with only his firefighting gear at his side. But an axe alone wasn't enough, and shortly after arriving he got into a quick fight with a zombie, leaving him injured and scared. The incident came as quite a reality check to the severity of the situation in Malton, and Vikermac very quickly realized that he needed to join an organized body within Malton. Without much thought on the matter, Vikermac joined up with the best organization in Malton, the Malton Fire Department, a part of the Department of Emergency Management.

After graduating from the Academy, Vikermac took place in Operation Monkeyfinger, an operation that utilized River Tactics during the Big Bash when many members of the NE-4 went to the SW to assist with the rebuilding process. There, Vikermac acted as the official liason between the Bandit Queens and the Department of Emergency Management. To this day, he remains good friends and regularly checks up on his friends from the southwest.

Vikermac proceeded to use the skills developed during Operation Monkeyfinger to coordinate between groups like the FVZA, Army Control Corps, Freerunners, Shearbank Resistance and others. His work gave him the promotion to the level of Captain, working to improve the quality of Shearbank. Stationed out of Meaker Lane Fire Station, his goals for the suburb were to improve and impliment the new Uniform Barricade Policy for Shearbank he helped to create, to improve communication and cooperation between survivor groups within Shearbank, and to return Shearbank to a "safe" level by ridding it of rotters and making it a welcome place for all survivors. Once Shearbank was designated a "safe" suburb, he felt it would be an acceptable time to leave and accept a new position.

Vikermac then accepted the position as Field Instructor of the Darby Campus in Northweast Malton. His love of teaching made the position most welcoming, and his enthusiasm for recruitment for the Department of Emergency Management made the position very attractive. His goal has been to make the newest batch of recruits in the northeast some of the most skilled and effective DEM members the northeast has seen. Vikermac began while the Academy wass working to make Pitneybank a safer suburb, cleaning up after The Big Bash and helping survivors survive.

While Lead Instructor Dcvortex was on leave on the instructor exchange program, Vikermac has took over command of the Darby Campus in NE Malton. Field Instructor Vikermac then moved the campus to Paynterton a recent victim of the Big Bash. This newest position allowed him to really get to know the new recruits and teach them all that he has learned while being active in Malton. With the promotion of Assistant Instructor Ralphthewonderllama, the two of them have worked together to make sure Malton is only receiving the best and the brightest.

DEM Merits and Ribbons

The Weaponmaster Ribbon.jpg Weaponsmaster Ribbon Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon.jpg Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon
Fitness Ribbon.jpg Fitness Ribbon Sniper's Ribbon.jpg Sniper Ribbon
Community Support Ribbon.jpg Community Support Ribbon Radio Operator Ribbon 3D.jpg Advanced Radio Dispatch Ribbon
Engineer's Ribbon.jpg Engineer's Ribbon Field Medicine Merit.jpg Field Medicine Merit
Resident Surgeon Ribbon.jpg Resident Surgeon Ribbon Scientific Achievement Ribbon.jpg Scientific Achievement Ribbon
Acquisition Ribbon.jpg Acquisition Ribbon Reconnissance Specialist Merit.jpg Reconnissance Specialist Merit

Other Policies

This user or group supports the No Random Revive Policy
Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.