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My active characters

About me - IRL

  • I'm not Russian.
  • I enjoy programming.
  • I like maths... especially when I don't need to calculate anything.
  • Actually I don't like coffee so much... but I'm addicted :(
  • I live in Europe
  • I'm a Free Software user/supporter/programmer
  • I listen to Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, King Crimson and a few other bands from that period + some newer bands, like Marillion, Iron Maiden or Saxon
  • I think that Techno isn't music, it's just noise
  • The same applies to Hip-Hop
  • I like xkcd
  • Apparently I like making lists of things :)
  • ... ?

Code of conduct

  • In my opinion:
  • PKing is a normal & fair tactic
  • GKing is a normal & fair tactic
  • Combat Reviving is a normal and fair tactic, actually it's the best survivor tactic
  • Ingame spying is a normal & fair tactic
  • Death culting is a normal & fair tactic
  • Barricade strafing is a normal & fair tactic
  • Group impersonation is a dishonourable, but fair tactic
  • ?rise, ?dump and all other actions performed via GET perameters are fair and really funny realtime tactics
  • Zerging isn't a fair tactic and zergers should be banned
  • Having more than one alt in one group isn't fair - it's an alt abuse
  • Having alts in two groups that are under the same chain of command is an alt abuse too (hint: DEM, Extinction)
  • Player impersonation based on technical flaws isn't a fair tactic and impersonators should be banned
  • Bot usage isn't a fair tactic (I call a bot every tool making ingame actions on its own, or repeating your action - all tools that keep the rule one user action => one ingame action are fair)
  • Everything not mentioned as unfair is fair

Useful links

Current game status info

General game info


Various tools

Some info about players that you should avoid (or kill)

More or less funny pages

Some more important wiki pages

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