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Character info

UD Profile: Lothar von Rheinfels

Role: freelance death cultist

Starting class: Lab Assistant

Level: 40

Favourite equipment: knife, fuel can, flare gun

Group: none, but I enjoy Dulston Alliance members' company :)

Survivor idiocy

Problem: GKers

  • I GK inside an NT building (~10 AP)
  • `Survivor A` PKs me (~40 wasted pro-survivor AP)
  • I stand up and get to the revive point. (~3AP)
  • `Survivor B` revives me after a few hours, instead of other pro survivor players
  • I GK again...

Solution: Ignore them, death isn't permanent in Malton. Attempting to "deal" with them actually entertains them, and makes you waste much, much more AP than you'd spend trying to repair/find new gennies. It obviously doesn't solve the problem.

Problem: PKers

  • I PK some wounded guys (`Survivor C`, `Survivor D` and `Survivor E`) inside a mall (~70 AP - I include ammo search costs)
  • `Survivor A` PKs me (~40 wasted pro-survivor AP which could be spent reviving survivors C and D, maybe even E)
  • I stand up and get to the revive point. (~3AP)
  • `Survivor B` revives me after a few hours, instead of my victims (I'm more active and probably will get a revive faster than them)
  • I PK again... or restock, etc...

Solution: Revive, revive, revive... If you think that PKing anyone may help the survivor case you're wrong in 99% of cases (yeah, there are some very, very specific situations, but it's safer to assume that it's best to revive). If you PK anyone who wants to be alive he'll go to the revive point, and sooner or later somebody will waste a needle reviving him. A needle which could be used to revive a pro-survivor character. Of course - when you revive prioritize people who are helpful - don't waste your needles reviving someone who'll thank you with a shotgun.

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