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Character info

UD Profile: a partial derivative

Role: vista user killer

Starting class: Firefighter

Level: 9

Favourite equipment: Lawrence Lessig's Free Culture

Group: none yet

IFAQ (infrequently asked questions)

  • Killing Vista users - it's completely OOC...
There are thousands more OOC things in this game :)
  • Ok - what's wrong with vista.
Builtin DRM - user humiliation^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H content protection systems (don't you think it's humiliating when somebody assumes that you're a thief and uses your computer to protect something from you?).
  • So? Is that all?
Shortly (image from wonderful xkcd):
Content protection.png
More... ? Here- a really funny article about content protection systems used in vista, and the same article in form of pdf slides.
  • Are you crazy?!!! I'm not gonna waste my time reading this...
Yeah, I know - you prefer to waste your time trying to get your devices to work with vista, or waste your money paying for the same thing twice (not to mention paying for vista-compatible devices - but here we all pay - since there's no choice).
  • You're just a Linux fanatic and just want to bitch about MS.
Yeah, I have to admit that I use GNU/Linux... among many, many other operating systems, which also include Windows XP (a side note - judging from the content of that page they really want you to move to Vista, even if you're looking for XP stuff... meaningful, isn't it?).
  • Why did you pick up this name for your character?
Sounds funny and evil at the same time.
  • Why did you kill me?
Probably you're on the target list (see below).

Target^H^H^H^H^H Student list

My target list is based on screenshots publicly available on Brainstock PK forum, or Resensitized forum. The rules are simple: if you post a screenshot (obvious) or iwitness (C:\Users\... in your path) showing that you're using vista, you're added. I'll keep kill^H^H^H^H educating you, as long as you keep supporting Vista :)

Ok... the list (entry,group,proof format):

#1A8DFF,vista users

Aethedoc,vista users,
Alex Andor,vista users,
Amitzul,vista users,
Argo Las,vista users,
a bad paper cut,vista users,
a hungry T rex,vista users,
baby zombie mandril,vista users,
Beck Ass,vista users,
Blanemcc,vista users,
brian mercat,vista users,
bruce campbell's ex,vista users,
Ciscokitty,vista users,
CouponBaller,vista users,
Crub,vista users,
DarkOps,vista users.
Dickholeguy,vista users,
Dimmswick,vista users,
Doc Ivanov,vista users,
DOUTCHEBAG,vista users,
Dustin Balls,vista users,
EchelonThree,vista users,
Fifth Element,vista users,
Fireflicker,vista users,
Forgotten86,vista users,
Fransisco Franco,vista users,
FrostyTheSnowman,vista users,
General Patton II,vista users,
Gregor Severov,vista users,
heathen at frightfan,vista users,
homuncubish,vista users,
Ike LeGrande,vista users,
Isabel Deverell,vista users,
i shot the sheriff,vista users,
Jason Kaden,vista users,
Jesant13,vista users,
Jimaine Dunwich,vista users, (vista-like toolbars)
Jimmy Two Stacks,vista users,
jj402,vista users,
JohnC8X,vista users,
John Dosem,vista users,
Kalyar,vista users,
Kurt Sievers,vista users,
Leighton Nash,vista users,
Le Penseur,vista users,
Lillith1975,vista users,
Mal Malich,vista users,
Marcus Banes,vista users,
Matt Aries,vista users,
Mira Shaw,vista users,
Moran01,vista users,
Nazex,vista users,
ninja 187,vista users,
officer Tommy,vista users,
Paul Power,vista users,
petros11111,vista users,
petros1234567890,vista users,
Prisonner Of Today,vista users,
Private Mendoza,vista users,
Raeder,vista users,
Rohypnol larry,vista users,
Russell Oakley,vista users,
Saralan,vista users,
Scorpios,vista users,
Skiing Bird,vista users,
SoulPiker,vista users,
Spencer J,vista users,
Stephanie Bridges,vista users,
The Envoy,vista users,
The Huntress,vista users,
Theshan,vista users,
Tim Graves,vista users,
Timerider3,vista users,
toto and dorothy,vista users,
Tyler Jorgensson,vista users,
Verratio,vista users,
Viktor LaCroix,vista users,
Walking'Target,vista users,
Willard J Higgins,vista users,
William Told,vista users,
Winnan,vista users,
yellow pyjamas,vista users,
Zombiglia,vista users,
Zuton,vista users,

Kills^H^H^H^H^H Lessons

IFAQ continued

  • What the hell is with '^H's ?
On many non-windows systems (and in some old windows editors) ^H (control+H) shortcut was working like backspace key. It's actually convenient if you're used to, unfortunately many programs are dropping this function.

Killer.jpg Player Killer
a partial derivative is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
a partial derivative has PKed only 6 people, but pissed millions of math students.

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Alive
This user is a survivor and proud of it.
Heartmath.png Math fun
This user thinks that math is awesome.
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