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Joined: 2007-11-23 10:59:25
Character Details: Urban Dead Profile
Occupation: Scientist, Lab Assistant
Main Weapon: Shotgun
Side Arm: Hand Gun
Favourite Equipment: NecroTech Syringe, DNA Extractor, First Aid Kit
Alts of Interest: Vincent Childs
Current Level: Level 25
Kills: KillCount.gif
Revives: KillCount.gif
Deaths: KillCount.gif
Group: Umbrella Corporation -Victor Platoon

"Obiedience Breed Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life"

Umbrella Corp.gif Umbrella Employee
Our Business Is Life Itself!
Umbrella Corp.gif Victor Platoon Member VPflag.jpg
This User is in the Umbrella Corporation’s Victor Platoon.

My Medals

.Physical Fitness Badge.JPEG

The Physical Fitness Badge is an award of the Umbrella Board of Directors and is presented to those employees who have obtained the Bodybuilding skill. The Physical Fitness Badge is intended to recognize those who have excelled in physical fitness, which is one of the main areas of training for the United States military. It may be awarded to any employee by any member of the Board of Directors. It must be presented above any ribbon in a user signature.

.Combat Action Badge.JPEG

The Combat Action Badge (or CAB) is awarded to Umbrella employees to recognize combat in service to Umbrella. The Combat Action Badge may be awarded to any employee performing duties in an area where hostile fire pay or imminent danger pay is authorized, who is personally present and actively engaging or being engaged by the enemy, and performing satisfactorily in accordance with the prescribed rules of engagement.

.Weapons Qualification Badge.JPEG

A Weapons Qualification Badge is a military badge which was introdouced into the U.B.C.S., U.S.S. and later on, the entire militant Umbrella in Malton. It is presented to employees upon successful termination of a determined amount of Umbrella KoS users. Weapons Qualification Badges are issued in three levels (in descending order): Expert - 15 KoS, Sharpshooter - 10 KoS, and Marksman - 5 KoS. Screenshots of the execution must be presented when requesting a WQB. Contact the Chairman of the Board, or the Director of Internal Operations to request your respecteive one.

.Combat Medical Badge.GIF

The Combat Medical Badge is awarded to any member of the Umbrella Biohazard Medical Support Staff, pay grade Colonel or below, who are assigned or attached to a combat unit (company or smaller size) which provides medical support to a ground combat arms unit during any period in which the unit was engaged in active ground combat.

.Umbrella Longevity Service Award.PNG

The Umbrella Corp Longevity Service Award is awarded for completing two months of Active Umbrella service.

.Pistol Training Ribbon.GIF

Awarded to Umbrella members who have earned the Pistol Training Skill.

.Advanced Pistol Training Ribbon.GIF

Awarded to Umbrella members who have prided themselfs to earn the Advanced Pistol Training skill. To replace the pistol training ribbon if earned.

.Shotgun Training Ribbon.PNG

Awarded to Umbrella members who have earned the Shotgun Training skill.

.Advanced Shotgun Training Ribbon.PNG

Awarded to Umbrella members who have went above and beyond to earn the Advanced Shotgun Training skill.

.NecroTech Skill Award.GIF

Awarded to Umbrella Scientists having obtained all NecroTech skills.

.Hand to Hand Combat Award.PNG

Awarded to employees having obtained hand to hand combat skill(s).

.Medical Achivement Award.GIF

Awarded to Umbrella members who have obtained one or all of the following: First Aid, Diagnosis, Surgery.

.Field Radio Operator Award.PNG

Awarded to employees trained to operate radio transmitters.

.Construction Award.JPEG

Awarded to employees who have gained the construction skill.

.Distinguished Achivement Award.GIF

Awarded to Umbrella members who have earned all of the human skills


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