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Starting Occupation: Zombie
Group Membership: LUE
Goals: Leading the 2010-2011 iteration of LUE to barhah
Username: DaruniaTheGoron
More details: Urban Dead profile

ZombieLUE.jpg Life, the Universe, and Everything
DaruniaTheGoron is a member of LUE.

He is a veteran zombie with more than 25000 EXP banked. He started with the mighty LUE horde which ruined every mall in the game within a span of a few months. He now leads their small 2010 contingent, which is currently working on their 3rd mall tour, along with help from LUEshi's Rangers.

He also considers himself a friend and ally to the Garniss Border Patrol, popping in for visits when he gets revived.

Recently, VinnyMendoza has been seen roaming the land as a Survivor in Scarletwood. He is well known in the area for his rampant, random PK'ing because idiots keep reviving him, and he is more than pleased to plug random survivors in return.

This has caused many to consider him a "Kill on Sight" survivor.

Yes, yes it has, and I'm damn proud of it and I'm still waiting for people to do something about it rather than random humans coming into the Garniss Building and saying "Vinny's a known PKer!". --VinnyMendoza 03:08, 11 August 2009 (BST)

A flattering compliment from a harman:

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