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My characters, in detail, go here. I'll be including yet more information as time goes on.

Running around:

A lunatic - Mike LeGrande;
The Private - Private Helmsloser;
The other Private - Private Pubic;
A MAHB rotter - Grahahah;
A young and romantic axeman survivor - Mister Colourado
An old rotter - Iblis Diabolica
A quote from a Denis Leary song - you should try and find it!

Sitting down:

A survivor in two minds - Twofaced Jim Turner;
An old and rather cynical survivor - Leon Argos;
A paranoiac - he's so paranoid I can't even put his profile here.

Iblis Diabolica started life as a feral, then went dual-nature, then turned survivor with the Know Nothings. Went back to being a feral, then stayed a corpse on the ground underneath some bushes for a while. Then joined a small horde [¯\(°_o)/¯] and conducted some carols in Tapton, before he wandered off and found a new snack bar. Then he heard about Escape and was furious that anyone should actually attempt to leave Malton, but got lost and ended up in New Arkham, where he joined the third Big Bash.

Grahahah's no longer a babah but a full-grown rotted zambah, rolling with the deadliest horde in Malton, and carrying the title of Corsairs Boatswain proudly, to this day.

Mike LeGrande is still a lunatic. Doing nutty things. Mmm... Nuts.

Private Helmsloser ran away from his old base of operations in a fit of sheer terror after a run-in with some zombies who ate his holiday house; he joined a bounty and cheater hunting group with blackjack and hookers and is currently serving a tour of duty with them.

Private Pubic is insisting that they got his name wrong on his dogtags and trying to protect his nominal home. Mister Colourado is holding tightly the hand of the girl he adores and protecting their home. He's been tagged as a PKer by a generator smashing squirrel he once threw out a window.

The Denis Leary lyric is sampling DNA and searching for first aid kits.

Leon Argos found a survivor group he likes and followed them across Malton. He's since disappeared, and no-one's quite sure where. The survivor in two minds has vanished without trace. The paranoiac is holed up God only knows where, in a secret basement lined with lead and tinfoil.