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Michael Porter
Joined: 2008-03-23
Character class: Civilian
Favorite equipment: Fire Axe
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Human
Character group: The Emperors Hammer
Character stats: Trooper, Emperor's Hammer
Journal: No journal for Michael Porter

Imperial eagle small.jpg For the Emperor!
This user or group is a servant of the Imperium of Man


Michael Porter is a Trooper in the third squad of the Emperor's Hammer

Early Years

Michael Porter was born on an Agri World near the Segmentum Pacificus, but was taken prisoner by the Forces of Warmaster Death, and trained as a part of the Chaos Renegade's militia. Michael Served in this respect for no more than a year before the Warmaster's forces were beaten and almost destroyed and the survivors forced to hide in Hive Malton, where Warmaster Death Eagerly signed up for the Black crusades lead by Alpharius.

Life in Malton

During the time WMD spent in the Black Crusades, Michael followed his master willingly, but without enthusiasm. It was Michael's lack of enthusiasm that Caused His master to be fatally wounded by Brother McBeaner, a loyal servant of the Imperium. As the Warmaster Lay Dying, he pondered his life and realized that what he had lived, fought, bled and now lay dying for, was not the worthy cause he had thought it to be. With his last gasping breaths, Warmaster Death ordered Michael to go seek out the Imperial Servants, and join their cause in order to redeem himself.

Accepting the Order, Michael headed off to look for the Imperium.

The Imperial Guard

After many months of Searching, Michael found the imperial main base of operations in Gibsonton, and it was there he presented himself as a recruit wishing to join the Imperial guard.

It was at this time that the Imperium must die coalition declared war on The Imperium and its servants, Michael joined imperial Soldiers trying their best to Defeat the invaders and Michael was wounded by many nefarious individuals, but getting back up each time to try and face his enemies, of which always evaded his grasp. Despite his best Efforts, Michael failed to eliminate any traitors.

Present Status

Michael is currently a member of the Emperor's Hammer, a group formed by Ex Imperial guard members following the split of the Imperium. He was initially opposed to the Thorians, but has since rescinded his opposition having reread documents pertaining the Thorians and as such considers them allies.

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